How Much Is 1972 Silver Dollar Worth? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on March 24, 2022

The 1972 silver dollar is also called the Eisenhower dollar and is one of the most valuable coins.

However, remember it is the conditions that determine the worth of this currency.

If you want to know more about the 1972 silver dollar value, say no more. Below we’ve detailed everything about it.


How Much Is 1972 Silver Dollar Worth?

The 1972 silver dollar value varies depending on the coin’s condition. A primary feature of this dollar is that the US government made it available as uncirculated and proof coins. This is why the 1972 silver dollar value is in the range of $8 to $20.

Typically, the coin’s value is determined by its weight in silver. So the minimum worth of the dollar is $8. However, it varies depending on the actual type. For instance, the standard MS 63 1972 dollar is worth $14 in an uncirculated condition.

Meanwhile, the MS 65 in the same condition has a value of about $20. Besides that, the 1972 silver dollar proof coin is worth $15 in the PR 65 condition. About 1,800,000 of the coins were marked under the proof category in that era.

The MS 65 has the highest value due to its better condition. These coins are highly appealing and have an excellent luster. Some of them may also have marks, but they won’t be much noticeable. This is because of the superb construction and materials.

1972 Uncirculated Silver Eisenhower Dollar Produced by the United States Mint and was Struck in 40% Fine Silver $1 Uncirculated US Mint

How Much Is A 1972 Silver Dollar With No Mint Mark Worth?

A primary feature of the 1972 silver dollar is that it is also available without the mint marks. You should note that these coins are common and do not have a high worth. Typically, their value ranges from $1 to $2, whether in circulated or uncirculated conditions.

Typically, you can identify the low-value coins by checking for the lack of the mintmark. Besides that, you can also learn about the states that have such dollars. For instance, Philadelphia 1972 silver coins don’t have the mintmark.

However, you must note that one variety of the 1972 silver dollar of Philadelphia does have a greater value. You can identify that coin by observing the mint mark’s location.

Where Is The Mint Mark On A 1972 Silver Dollar?

All 1972 silver dollars have an S mark below Eisenhower’s neck near the obverse. The letter signifies that the coin is made from 40% silver and is valuable. Of course, you should still have it inspected by an expert to understand the authenticity.

Besides that, some 1972 silver dollars also have other mint marks. For instance, you may find a D instead of an S in the exact location. Some coins may not have the mint mark at all. In such a case, the dollar will not be valuable.

Typically, the D or other marks indicate that the coin is not made of silver. This is why you may not be able to get a high value for it.

1972 Uncirculated Silver Eisenhower Dollar Produced by the United States Mint and was Struck in 40% Fine Silver $1 Uncirculated US Mint

How Can I Tell If My Eisenhower Dollar Is Silver?

The primary way to tell if the coin is made of silver is by checking its structure. A solid silver stripe on the dollar’s edge indicates that you have a 40% Eisenhower silver coin. 

Meanwhile, if the currency has a copper stripe, you should not expect it to be made of silver despite the name. Sometimes, you can also check the material of the dollar by seeing the mintmark. 

Silver coins have an S near Eisenhower’s neck. However, remember that not all 1972 dollars have been minted. This is why you may have an unmarked coin made of silver in your possession. The best way to know its material is by getting an expert’s opinion.

How Can I Tell If My Silver Dollar Is Real?

You can tell if a coin is real or not by checking its weight. Typically, silver dollars are heavier than the standard ones. However, sometimes people also use alloys instead of silver to make the coin appear heavy and fool the collectors.

So the best way to tell if a silver dollar is real is getting it checked by a coin expert. The professional will let you know the authenticity and market value of the dollar.

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