How Much Is 1904 Dime Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

While “sleeper” Barber dimes were formerly common, the rising value of particular dates has caused that to shift in the past several years. Costs are likely to rise much more in the future. Dimes produced in 1904 with the Barber design have a high value for collectors and silver bullion.

Ten cents is equivalent to one-tenth of a dollar on the United States dime from 1904. It is referred to as a dime by the United States government. A diminutive of the Old French word “disme,” which is the root of our English word “dime,” comes from the term “tenth.”


How Much Is 1904 Dime Worth?

A 1904 Barber dime in Mint State (MS+) Uncirculated condition can get anywhere from $121 to $257 or perhaps more. The value of a dime in an average condition is $5.03. In good condition, a 1904 dime without a mint mark is worth $7.

If it’s in very great shape, it’s worth around $16, and if it’s in excellent condition, it’s worth about $30. If a coin has a grade of MS 60 and is in uncirculated condition, it sells for about $130. MS 63 coins still in their original packaging can sell for up to $200.

1904 Barber Dime AG-03

What is the design of the 1904 dime?

The lady liberty shown on the 1904 dime has a Phrygian headpiece, laurel wreath, and “liberty” headband. Low-cost. Her head is decorated with “united states of America” and the year 1904. The phrase “One Dime” may be found around a wreath on the back of the dime minted in 1904.

Is there any mint mark on the 1904 dime?

The United States Mint minted the 1904 dime without a mint stamp and the 1904 S dime in 1904. There is a possibility that the coin has a mint mark, which may be located on the reverse of the piece just below the wreath design. Compared to its actual value of $1.57, which is determined by the quantity of silver it comprises, its value is significantly higher by $1.43.

Consequently, its value to a gold bug is more significant than its value to a collector. It’s possible that in the long run, a strategy that involves investing in coins that are more desirable to collectors may be more beneficial.

Is 1904 dime rare?

A 1904 dime without a mint mark, in good condition, is worth roughly $4. The item is worth about $9, and in excellent condition, the item is worth approximately $25. There are MS 60 uncirculated coins that sell for roughly $125 each if they have been rated MS 60. 

1904 Barber Dime AG-03

What is the value of the 1904 dime in different conditions?

When put into circulation, this coin has a value equal to at least its weight in silver. When melted down, this coin has a value of 1.57 dollars in silver. The current price of silver on the spot market, which stands at $21.75 per ounce, is considered to calculate this melt value. The dime from 1904 is the most precious and challenging to find.

If the condition of this coin is good, it might be valued at up to forty-five dollars. It has a value of around $235 if it is in excellent condition. It has a value of around $320 if it is in pristine condition. Coins with a grade of MS 60 and fresh new may be purchased for around $900. Coins graded MS 63 that have never been spent may fetch a price of around $1,550 each.

What is the grading of the 1904 dime?

Only five 1904-S coins have been classed MS-65, and one has been graded MS-66 out of 50 examined. It is unlikely that many 1904-S coins would have been submitted to be graded if they were in excellent enough condition to be utilized. One coin has been classified as MS-67, four times as MS-65, and seven other times as MS-66 by Professional Coin Grading Service. Only 18 MS-65 or above samples have been turned in for testing thus far.

If demand for 1904-S dimes increases, MS-65 Barber dimes may become more expensive. The 1904-S shows indications of life and has the potential to rise in value in all grades.

Is 1904 dime silver?

There is a total of.0723 troy ounces (or 2.248 grams) of.999 pure silver in each 1904 Barber Dime piece, which means that the silver content accounts for 90 percent of the entire weight of the currency. When referring to the weight of silver, the most common measurement unit is the troy ounce. The difference in weight between a standard ounce and a troy ounce is approximately 2 grams.

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