How Much Is The 1902 Quarter Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Coins minted from different years and places have always been something collectors look for. One of the coins that investors and collectors keep their eyes out for especially is the barber quarter which was introduced back in the nineteenth century. There are multiple varieties of these coins present, each series having its own value. In this article, we have discussed about what the value of the 1902 quarter is now.

How Much Is The 1902 Quarter Worth?

The value of the 1902 barber quarter depends on various factors are taken into consideration. These quarters were quite famous among people and hence were used a lot which is why finding a version that’s uncirculated is rare. The reason why this coin can be bought and sold for prices higher than its face value, which is 25 cents, is because of its composition.

It is made up of 90% silver plus 10% copper weighing a total of 6.25 grams. If you take the current silver bullion value, its price stands at 3.92 dollars.

There were three different series that were minted at different locations, including Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Out of all of them, the rarest set was the 1902-S series. The mint mark of either “S” or “O” is visible on the reverse part of the coin, beneath the Eagle.

The ones minted in Philadelphia consist of no mint mark. Even if they’re present in a circulated condition, the 1902 quarters can be sold for more than their face value due to their silver content.

The production of the coins without any mint mark present were about 12,196,967 in quantity and in good condition can sell for 10 dollars and 45 dollars in a very fine condition. The prices of these coins rise as the condition improves; the detailing is of incredible importance for the collectors.

The value of the Philadelphia coins goes up to 65 dollars in an extremely fine condition. In contrast, in uncirculated conditions with a grade of MS 60 and MS 63, it is worth 240 dollars and 375 dollars, respectively.

The coins produced in New Orleans have a mint mark denoted by “O” present, and at that time, 4,748,000 were minted. In good condition, the O marked 1902 coins are worth 12 dollars, 85 dollars in very fine condition, and 140 dollars in extremely fine condition. While in an uncirculated condition, the value of these coins goes up to 500 dollars in grade MS 60 and almost 1100 dollars in MS 63 grade.

The rarest form of the 1902 coins has the mint mark “S” on it, and the total amount produced was 1,524,612 back then. These quarters are priced at

15 dollars in good condition, while they can sell for 100 dollars in a very fine condition. It can sell for even higher in an extremely fine condition with a price tag of 160 dollars. The value of these coins in uncirculated conditions is valued to be 525 dollars in a grade of MS 60 and 900 dollars if present in a grade of MS 63.

What Is the Value of the 1902 Quarter in Proof Condition?

The coins considered to be of proof conditions are those whose quality is supreme. The level of their details is exceptional, which makes them worth a lot of money. Only 777 of the 1902-proof coins were minted and can be bought for 650 dollars if present in a PR 63 condition.

Design of the 1902 Quarter

The 1902 quarters are also known as the Barber quarters because they were designed solely by Charles E. Barber. On the obverse side, the portrait of Miss Liberty can be appreciated with a Phrygian cap on top of her hair. The words “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST” are inscribed, the former being present on the band on Miss Liberty’s forehead while the latter can be found beneath the portrait. The engraver’s initials “B” can also be seen on this side of the coin.

On the reverse side of the coin, the border is beaded with the union shield present right at the center, and the Bald Eagle with its wings outstretched. Near the Eagle’s mouth, the phrase “E. PLURIBUS UNUM” is inscribed with thirteen stars above it. If the coin has a mint mark, it can be seen in the middle between the Eagle and the denomination.

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