How Much Is 1941 Penny Worth?

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

A 1941 penny may look similar to the Lincoln coin and have you thinking that it is a valuable penny. The worth of this coin is $0.15 to $40, depending on the type.

If you want to know more about the 1941 penny, you’re in the right place. Here is a detailed guide to help you.

1941 P D S Lincoln Wheat Penny Cent PDS set Penny Seller Very Fine


How Much Is 1941 Penny Worth?

The average value of a 1941 penny is $0.15 to $40. The starting price of this coin is $0.15 for versions with and without mint marks. Meanwhile, the maximum figure varies.

A 1941 penny without a mint mark is worth $0.15 in good condition and $0.20 in fine condition. The extremely fine version of this coin has a value of $0.60 per piece.

The average price of a 1941 D penny falls in the range of $0.15 to $1.00 in circulated condition. This range also applies to the value of a 1941 S penny.

Coins without mint marks can also be worth $42 if the grading is relatively high. These 1941 pennies were produced at the Philadelphia mint.

How Much Is A 1941 D Penny Worth?

1941 P D S Lincoln Wheat Penny Cent PDS set Penny Seller Very Fine

A 1941 D penny has a value of $0.15 as a circulated coin in good condition. The worth of the same coin in a fine state is $0.20 per piece. This penny also has a value of $1.00 in an extremely fine condition. 

The D pennies were designed at the Denver mint under a high-quality production process. So the quality of this coin is relatively high and more appealing to collectors. 

You may also sell the coin at a higher value if it has MS 60 or MS 63 grading. The price of this penny can reach up to $6.16, depending on the grading and other characteristics.

How Much Is A 1941 S Penny Worth?

The 1941 S penny also has a starting value of $0.15 like all other 1941 pennies. This coin is worth $0.30 in fine condition and $1.00 per piece in an extremely fine state. 

This penny has an S mint mark indicating that the coin is from San Francisco. The mint of this place is famous for making high-quality and rare pennies.

The coin is also available in MS 60 and MS 63 versions to offer you a higher value. However, there are proof coins with the S mint mark.

How Much Is A Graded 1941 Penny Worth?

The grading of a 1941 penny differs from most other old coins because it is available only in MS 60 and MS 63 versions from the Mint State category. This coin’s worth in the former grading is $2.00 per piece without a mint mark.

Meanwhile, the MS 63 1941 penny without a mint mark has a value of $3 per piece. The D penny of this year is also available in graded versions. The MS 60 1941 D penny has a value of $4 per piece.

You can also sell an MS 63 1941 D penny for $5 to $6.16. The 1941 S penny with MS 60 grading is worth $3.00 while its MS 63 version has a value of $6.16 per piece.

How Much Is A Proof 1941 Penny Worth?

Another 1941 penny that is available on the market is a proof coin. Such pennies are not designed for financial transactions. Instead, they are mainly for collectors due to their high-quality construction and rarity.

The 1941 proof penny is not relatively expensive like coins of other years because it does not have versions with mint marks. So the worth of a 1941 proof penny without a mint mark is about $40. 

This figure applies to coins in the PR 63 condition. The value may also rise to $42 per piece if the state of the penny is brilliant.

How Much Is An Uncirculated 1941 Penny Worth?

An uncirculated penny is one that is not used for financial transactions. Mainly collectors purchase such coins because of their excellent quality. The value of an uncirculated 1941 penny is about $1.50 to $4.00.

The worth of a 1941 penny in uncirculated condition but without a mint mark is $1.50 per piece. This will rise to about $3 for a 1941 S penny. The value of the 1941 D penny in the uncirculated condition is $4.

What Makes A 1941 Penny Rare?

The construction of a 1941 penny can make it ordinary or rare. Uncirculated coins are worth more than their circulated counterparts because of better quality.

A 1941 penny with MS 63 grading also has a higher value than MS 60 options. This coin is worth the highest in PR 63 condition because proof coins are the most valuable.

Another thing that makes a 1941 penny rare is a doubled die error. This is easily noticeable because the date and phrase on the coin have double engravings.

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