How Much Is 1943 Penny Worth?

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

A 1943 penny is a coin that many collectors seek because it has a steel composition instead of the standard copper construction. This penny is worth $0.10 to $590,000, depending on the type.

So you can easily become rich if you have a rare 1943 penny. Here is everything you need to know about this coin’s value.

Full Roll of 1943 circulated steel pennies by US Mint


How Much Is 1943 Penny Worth?

The value of a 1943 penny varies from $0.10 to $590,000. You will get a significantly high sum for selling a rare coin. The standard starting value of an unmarked 1943 penny in good condition is $0.16.

This figure will increase to $0.32 for the same penny in fine condition. Extremely fine 1943 pennies have an average value of $0.43 per piece. The coin is also available with S and D mint marks.

The 1943 S penny has a value of $0.27 to $22, while the D penny is worth $0.22 to $11. This figure mainly depends on the type, grading, and condition of the coin.

How Much Is 1943 S Penny Worth Today?

1943 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Seller Choice Very Fine

A 1943 S penny is worth $0.27 in good condition and $0.43 in fine condition. The same coin in an extremely fine state is worth $0.82. This value will rise to about $22 if the penny has a high grade.

The unique feature of this coin is that it was produced at the San Francisco mint. So the construction of the penny is excellent with little to no scratches affecting the surface. 

A 1943 S coin may also come in a rare version with MS 68 grading. Such a coin is worth about $3,500 at auctions. This is why you must know the type of penny you have.

How Much Is A 1943 D Penny Worth?

1943 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Seller Choice Very Fine

Another 1943 penny with a mint mark is the D penny. The symbol indicates Denver as the production site of the coin. The value of this penny is lower than the S penny due to the less precise minting process.

A 1943 D penny is worth $0.22 in good condition. This figure increases to $0.38 in fine condition and $0.49 in an extremely fine state. The penny may also be worth up to $3,250 if the grading is significantly high.

What Is The Value Of A 1943 Copper Penny?

The 1943 penny was mainly struck on steel material coated with zinc. However, some copper planchets from the previous year got mixed during the minting process. So you may have a 1943 penny with copper composition.

This copper penny is rare and has a significantly high value at auctions. The 1943 copper coin without a mint mark is worth $18,000 to $29,000 in circulated condition.

The same penny is worth $140,000 to $190,000 in an uncirculated condition. This error coin is also available in S and S versions. The 1943 D copper penny has a value of $38,000 to $57,000 in the circulated state.

If you have an uncirculated D copper penny, the value will rise up to $360,000 per piece. The S error version is the most valuable coin out of all the 1943 pennies.

The maximum value of a 1943 S copper in a circulated state is $92,000 and $590,000 in an uncirculated condition.

How Much Is An Uncirculated 1943 Penny Worth?

The original 1943 steel pennies also come in uncirculated condition to help you earn a better amount. A 1943 penny without a mint mark is worth $1.25 in an uncirculated state.

This value will increase to $2.26 for a 1943 D penny. Meanwhile, the S penny is worth $3.20. You must note that these values are for the coins without a grading.

All the 1943 steel pennies in the uncirculated state also come in MS 60 and MS 65 gradings. The standard coin without marking is worth $2.74 in MS 60 grading. The same penny has a value of $8.91 in MS 65 grade.

The 1943 D penny in MS 60 grading has a value of $3.22. This figure will rise to $11 if the coin has an MS 65 grade. The S penny has the highest value in the graded category.

A 1943 S penny with an MS 60 grade is worth $6.40. The same penny has a value of $22.00 per piece with an MS 65 grade.

How Much Is A D/D 1943 Penny Worth?

The D/D 1943 penny is another coin with a significant error. This type is mainly available in uncirculated graded versions. The MS 60 version of this coin has an average value of $363.50.

Besides that, the MS 65 version of the D/D penny has an average worth of $1,100. This coin also comes in MS 67 grading. Such a penny has an average value of $8,440.

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