How Much Is a 1989 Mexican 1000 Peso Coin Worth?

Last Updated on April 14, 2022

The Juana de Asbaje bust is on the 1000 Mexican Peso note. Mexico was experiencing hyperinflation in the late 1980s and early 1990s, so a thousand pesos wasn’t worth much money.


How much is a 1989 Mexican 1000 peso coin worth?

When the system was revamped, three zeroes were removed, resulting in a 1989 1000 Pesos equal to 1 current Peso or roughly 10 cents US.

Are Mexican peso coins worth anything?

Collecting uncirculated Mexican coins is a worthwhile endeavor. The Mexican 5 peso silver coin that remembers the last Aztec King, and the 1921 Gold 50 Peso Mexican coin, which will cost you $4,000 USD to add to your collection.

When did the Mexican 1000 pesos come out?

Mexico (Estados Unidos) is the country of issue for this coin. The United Mexican States are the issuing country, which began in 1905 and ended in date. It’s a standard circulation coin that was produced from 1988 to 1992. 1000 pesos (1000 MXP) = $22 in 1992.

Who is Juana de Asbaje in  1989 Mexican 1000 peso coin?

Juana de Asbaje was born Juana Ines de Asbaje y Ramírez de Santillana in Mexico City’s San Miguel Nepantla (now known as Nepantla de Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz in her honor). She was a remarkable child genius who became a renowned Baroque composer and essayist, challenging the place of women in society at the time.

How much is a Mexican 5000 peso coin worth?

The Mexican peso has been in decline for quite some time. In 1993, the Mexican peso was devaluated by a factor of ten, making this $5000 peso coin worth just $5 dollars in commerce. Collectors are seeking for nice specimens of this coin. The catalog values of coins like the one shown in our illustration are relatively high.

What was the value of 100 pesos in 1988?

Mexico inflation – Conversion table A $100 peso in 1988 is worth $2,674.25 today In 1988, there were only 500 million people on earth (and not a single one of them was me). The value of the Mexican currency fell steadily until around 1990 when it stabilized and began to appreciate. By 1993, its exchange rate had reached an all-time low of 3,954 to the dollar.

What does 1000 pesos look like?

These days, a Mexican Peso is worth about 4 US cents. So, if you have 1000 pesos, that would be the equivalent of about $40 USD. The new 1000 peso note was introduced in early 2020 and features the image of Mexican scientist, María Elena Salinas on the front, and the Popocatépetl volcano on the back.

What is a 500 Mexican coin worth?

The coins are being sold for about US$1.19, plus an additional US$2.88 to cover expenses of shipping. You’ll receive a lot more than the face value if you do that. The 500 peso coin was first released in 1990, before Mexico changed the peso’s value in 1993. It is only worth half of a contemporary peso, around 2 1/2 U.S. cents.

Features of Mexican 1000 peso coin

The coin weighed 15.17 grams was was composed of an aluminum-nickel-bronze alloy. The thickness of the coin is 2.81 millimeters and had a diameter of 30.5 millimeters.

The obverse of the coin featured the name of the country, Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United States of Mexico) and the coat of arms of Mexico. Meanwhile, the reverse featured Juana Inés de la Cruz.

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