How Much Is A 1991 Desert Storm $5 Coin Worth?

Last Updated on June 14, 2022

Apart from the standard coins in circulation, sometimes there are special coins that come around. The desert storm coin is one such example, as it was to commemorate veterans and more. The worth of the 1991 desert storm $5 coin depends on many factors, as it can be worth a few hundred dollars

If you want to know more about the worth of the 1991 desert storm $5 coin, you are in the right place. Here is what you must know. 


How Much Is A 1991 Desert Storm $5 Coin Worth?

The worth of the 1991 desert storm $5 coin depends on the grade and condition. That is because it can range anywhere from $10 to $350 or more. For example, if you find this coin in ungraded condition, it will not be worth more than $10. 

On the other hand, if you find this coin in mint condition, it will be worth more than $350. That also depends on where you are buying from. There can be slight variations in price, depending on who is selling it. 

Of course, if you have this coin and you want to sell it, then you can talk to a professional coin dealer. They will give you a fair value of what your coin is worth. 

What Is The Value Of A $5 Liberty Gold Coin?

Gold coins have the highest value because of the gold content inside them. Typically, you must not expect to get anything less than three hundred dollars for a $5 Liberty Gold Coin. The value of the gold will offer you a baseline price for how much these coins will sell for. 

Of course, the value of these coins will also keep on changing based on the price of gold. The gold price keeps going higher, which means the value will only keep on rising. The condition will also enhance the price if the condition of the coin is optimal. 

What Is The Desert Storm?

The desert storm or Operation Desert Storm began in January 1991. During this time, the Iraqi forces that had invaded Kuwait refused to withdraw from the country. The conflict is also known as the Gulf War, and President George H. W. Bush had a significant role to play in this operation. 

That is because the president announced a military operation that would expel the occupying Iraqi forces from Kuwait. These coins were created to commemorate everyone that was part of this operation. That is why this coin will have a high value if you decide to sell it. 

What Is A Challenge Coin In The Navy?

Many people confuse the desert storm $5 coin with a challenge coin. However, a challenge coin is a small medallion or coin that bears the emblem of an organization and is carried by the members. These coins were also given to people to prove their membership. 

Such a gesture enhanced the morale of the members. However, these coins are also commonly collected by law enforcement personnel and service members. 

Does The Navy Give Challenge Coins?

The Navy does give challenge coins to help you display what you have done throughout your Navy career. These coins will help you proudly show your achievements so that your family and friends can witness your success. These coins are usually displayed in cases or shadow vases. 

Besides that, you can also give challenge coins to your family and friends. If you know someone who has been in the Navy for a long time, then they might have received a challenge coin at some point in their career. 

Are Navy Challenge Coins Worth Anything?

The Navy Challenge coins don’t have an incredibly high value. These coins are common and abundant, which is why they will have a value between $5 and $15, depending on the piece. These coins are usually placed on the low end of the value scale. 

These also include the ones that have been issued by military supply units and veteran groups. So, you can’t expect for these coins to have an incredibly high value. However, they offer decent value considering that they are to recognize someone’s contributions. 

Are Military Coins Made Of Real Gold?

Military coins are there for commemoration, which is why they have to be easy to produce. That is because offices must produce enough to give to each member. So, there are only rare coins that are made of solid gold, as it is not feasible to do this for everyone. 

Most of the military coins you find will be made of zinc or brass. The value of each coin will also vary, depending on its production and many other factors. However, you will not get a high value for these coins, as they are not made for resale. 

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