How Much Is Bronze Worth?

Last Updated on June 1, 2022

Bronze is a famous alloy of copper, tin, and some other metals. Its worth is $2.70 per pound. You can purchase the item from various places or sell it as scrap material.

The top feature of bronze is that it is more affordable than other metals. It can also be used for creating items such as utensils, bolts, and much more. Many people buy the alloy to keep their production costs low.

If you want to know how much is bronze worth, you’re in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about its value.


How Much Is Bronze Worth?

The current price of bronze is $2.70 per pound in the US. Meanwhile, the average 30-day value of the alloy is $2.62 per pound.

The best part about the item is that its worth has been increasing steadily. Bronze’s average value was $1.50 per pound in 2020.

This material’s price also fluctuates frequently depending on the melting rate. In March 2022, bronze was worth $2.85 per pound, while the value reduced to $2.50 per pound in early May. So you cannot expect the alloy’s worth to remain the same throughout the month.

You will get the best money for your bronze item if it is an antique. This means the construction must be of pure alloy. Fulfilling this requirement will help you improve the item’s resale value.

Does Bronze Have Resale Value?

Bronze has a resale value if you sell or buy it as scrap material. You can also exchange the alloy for a high worth. This is because it is an excellent scratching material used for multiple purposes. The best way to get the item’s worth is by finding a reliable buyer.

Many commercial users will buy your bronze for a high resale value. You will also get an adequate amount by selling the junk items at a scrapyard. The melting value of the material is used to determine its worth. So the rate may fluctuate depending on the month and year.

Is Bronze Worth More Than Gold?

The material is not worth more than gold because it is an alloy, while gold is pure metal. This material’s composition is not pure, causing it to have a lower value. Gold weighs more per pound, so it has a higher worth than bronze and silver.

An item’s worth is also determined by its rarity on the market. Gold is becoming rarer daily, leading to an increase in its value.

Meanwhile, bronze is readily available on the market because it is used in multiple items. So it can be recycled by melting old junk items. Gold is worth about $1,848 per ounce.

How Can You Tell If It’s Brass Or Bronze?

Bronze and brass are often consumed by people due to their similar copper composition. The best way to differentiate between them is by checking the item’s color.

Brass has a yellow shade similar to dull gold color, and it is mainly present in furniture pieces. This material also has zinc instead of tin as the second alloying element.

Meanwhile, you can easily identify bronze by its reddish-brown appearance. It is also more brittle and durable than bronze due to its slower oxidation speed.

You can also check the item’s composition to determine the material. Bronze primarily contains copper and tin as alloying elements. It is advisable to use a metal expert to determine the material.

Is Bronze More Valuable Than Brass?

Brass does not have a higher value than bronze due to its composition. The copper and tin combination in bronze is more valuable than the copper and zinc composition in brass. Bronze is also more flexible because you can form the alloy using many other materials such as silicon and manganese.

Meanwhile, brass is mainly formed by combining copper and zinc. Sometimes iron may be used, but that happens rarely.

Brass shells are not worth more than $2.10 per pound, while brass water meters have a starting price of $1.45 per pound. This is relatively lower than the $2.70 per pound value of bronze.

How Can You Tell Pure Bronze?

The magnet test is the best way to know whether you have pure bronze. You should get a magnet and try sticking it to the item. If it sticks, the material is not pure bronze. This is because bronze is non-magnetic and does not attract magnets. Meanwhile, iron is a highly magnetic element.

So the item may be made of brass because it can contain iron sometimes. Many bronze sculptures are made of fake bronze instead of pure and sold at a high price. You should check the different parts of the item before deeming it pure bronze and paying high for it.

What Is Bronze Used For Today?

Bronze is a corrosion-resistant material primarily used for plumbing valves and pipes. It is also the primary component of coins and hardware mounts. Some furniture trims also include bronze as an essential material.

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