How Much Is Michael Jordan 23K Gold Card Worth? (Answered)

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

If you are a sports fan, you know how valuable sports cards can be. Some of them have been sold for millions of dollars at auctions, which is why you never know when you will get lucky. Michael Jordan is a legend, and there are many of his sports cards you can collect.

Of course, some are worth more than others. Here is your complete guide to understanding how much is the Michael Jordan 23K gold card worth.


How Much Is Michael Jordan 23K Gold Card Worth?

The Michael Jordan 23K gold card can range anywhere between $8 and thousands of dollars, depending on the card and the grade. For example, the Michael Jordan Gold Refractor Die-Cut card can go above $15,000, depending on the condition. There are three types of cards you can choose from ungraded, grade 9, and PSA 10.

Of course, ungraded are the least valuable, grade 9 has a relatively higher value, and PSA 10 cards have the highest value. The value of the specific 23K gold card is not available, which is why your best bet is to contact collectors or auction websites. You might find the card there with the prices.

After that, you can decide whether you want to buy or sell this card. In the long run, it can prove to be a good investment if the condition remains great.

1996 Michael Jordan '86 Fleer Rookie Feel The Game NBA 23K Signature Gold Card - Graded GEM Mint 10

How Do I Sell My Michael Jordan 23K Gold Card?

If you want to sell your Michael Jordan 23K gold card, then your best is to go to eBay. You can sign up on the platform to buy or sell any sports cards here. On the other hand, if you directly know any collectors, you can contact them to sell your card.

Besides that, there are also many other local and international auction sites where you can sell your card. Of course, you will have to do some research for this, depending on where you live. Once you do, you will understand where you can quickly sell the card for a fair price.

How Many Michael Jordan Rookie Cards Exist?

We all know that the rarer a card is, the higher its value will be. Fortunately, the benefit to fans and collectors is that Michael Jordan only has three rookie cards. That is why it is up to you to collect these cards and get your hands on a rare one in no time.

You will find these cards with collectors, and some of them might be available on auction sites like eBay. On the other hand, if you have a rookie card, you will be able to sell it for good money. So, don’t forget to get your hands on this card or sell it if you already have it.

How Much Is A Michael Jordan Star Rookie Card Worth?

The best part about a Rookie card is that they are incredibly high in value because there were only three rookie cards of Michael Jordan. Some of these star rookie cards can be worth even more than $20,000. For example, the 1986-87 Fleer Rookie Card in PSA 10 Gem Mint will be worth more than a fortune.

Of course, that is why even such cards are an investment if you plan on buying them. However, chances are you will not be able to buy them for reselling because collectors usually have their hands on them, and they don’t typically sell these cards. You can still try your luck and find these cards if you are serious about purchasing them.

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1985 Star Rookie RC Pair REPRINT #7 & #101

How Many Michael Jordan Cards Exist?

There are at least six thousand Michael Jordan cards you will find in total. However, out of these six thousand cards, four thousand of these cards are with Michael Jordan himself. That is why the cards available to the public are only two thousand, which is another reason why they are expensive.

You might not be able to find the card you want because it might not be in circulation. That is why it is important to have the right contacts and contact the right collectors if you want to get your hands on a valuable Michael Jordan card in no time.

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