How Much Is My Noritake China Worth?

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

Noritake is a famous brand that sells casual and formal dinnerware for different occasions. Your Noritake china can be worth $3 to a few thousand dollars on the current market. You can easily make a high profit if you have a valuable set.

However, you must know your Noritake china’s worth before you sell it. Setting the price of the set very high can ruin your credibility as a seller. Meanwhile, a low figure will cause you to suffer from a loss. So here’s what you must know about your Noritake china’s worth.


How Much Is My Noritake China Worth?

The starting price of a used Noritake china is $3, but it can easily value more than a thousand dollars. This primarily depends on how many pieces are in the set and the type of set. Noritake Halifax China is worth about $2,250, while Noritake Foxboro has a value of $2,700.

You will also encounter lower-priced Noritake china versions on the market. The Ornate Noritake China has a cheap value of $750, while the Macon 6717 model is worth $880. So you must know the pattern and model of your dinnerware before listing it.

The most expensive Noritake china is the Frank Lloyd Wright dinnerware for Imperial Hotel. You can sell this set for a high price of $16,250. It is identified by the “Noritake Nippon” mark beneath each piece of the set. The dinnerware sells for the highest price because it is quite beautiful.

Noritake Crestwood Platinum - 50 piece set, service for eight

How Do I Know If My Noritake China Is Valuable?

You must consider multiple factors to determine your Noritake china’s worth. The set must not have chips or cracks for it to have a high value. It should also be scratch-free, or if it does have scratches, they must be low in number and difficult to see.

Sets with complete and clear backstamps are also more valuable than those with faded markings. The pattern of the dinnerware must also be attractive. Collectors love Azalea, Tree in the Meadow, Pattern 175, and Imperial collaborations. If you have such sets, you can easily sell your Noritake china for more than a few thousand dollars.

Where To Sell Noritake China?

Many companies that appraise Noritake china may also purchase the set from you if it’s in good quality. As per the brand, you should check out:

  • Replacements, LTD
  • Set Your Table
  • International Association of Dinnerware Matchers

These are expert dealers that will appraise your set for you and let you know its worth. Some of these companies also purchase old dinnerware from sellers at a good price. So you may present an offer to the dealer to sell the set. You can also put up a listing on eBay or Amazon to find a buyer easily.

Noritake Odessa Platinum 20Pc China Set, Service for 4

Does Noritake Colorwave Contain Lead?

Noritake Colorwave is a special set that does not contain any lead and is safe to use. The crockery has a glossy finish with a luxurious vibe, making it a favorite of some collectors. You must also remember that being lead-free is an essential property for a set if you will be using it for having food or drinks.

A high amount of lead in your diet can cause lead poisoning and affect your iron intake. The poisoning may also be fatal depending on the ingested amount. So you should always mention if your Noritake china is lead-free or not. This will help the buyer determine whether they should get the set for food usage or not.

Is Noritake Breakable?

Noritake is famous for creating high-quality dinnerware sets that do not break easily. They are heat-treated at the maximum temperature to ensure the highest strength. So you can rest assured that your old set will be highly durable during the time of selling.

Of course, Noritake china can break if it is mistreated and not taken care of. You should be careful when transporting the set from one place to another. This is why you should not list your dinnerware as unbreakable on any platform.

How Do I Find My Noritake China Pattern?

You can easily find the Noritake pattern by turning your chinaware, as it will show you the company mark. Recent collections of Noritake include this mark along with the name of the pattern at the bottom of your set. If there is a four-digit number on the set, it means that the company has used the pattern name and number to reference this piece.

On the other hand, earlier collections of the chinaware may not have a pattern name or number. However, the company keeps a directory of all the patterns it has created since the last century. Sometimes, these are referenced using a four-digit number, so don’t forget to look for it in your collection to find the china pattern within no time.

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