How Much Is Yellowstone Ranch Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

There are some excellent ranches in America that are huge. Because of this, it is an incredibly valuable piece of property that offers a lot of use to the owner. Yellowstone is the story of John Dutton and the ranch his family owns, which is one of the largest ranches in the US. 

It is known as Dutton Ranch, and it is a real place. Of course, it has been exaggerated a bit in the Yellowstone series. So, if you are wondering about the worth of Yellowstone ranch, you are in the right place. 

Here is what you must know. 


How Much Is Yellowstone Ranch Worth? 

The owner of Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Rams, Stan Kroenke, bought the Waggoner Ranch for almost $725 million in 2015, as Bustle indicates. It is also one of the biggest ranches in the US, which is why it can give Yellowstone fans an idea of how much the Dutton Ranch is worth. That is because we don’t know the exact worth of this ranch. 

One character in the show also indicated that the Yellowstone ranch is approximately the size of Rhode Island. That would be more than 770,000 acres. So, you can also estimate the worth of the Yellowstone ranch according to its size, which can come to a few billion. 

We don’t know how much is Yellowstone ranch worth. That is why there has been a lot of speculation as to what the cost of this ranch is. 

Who Owns The Yellowstone Ranch?

John Dutton owns the Yellowstone ranch. The Dutton family have been owners of this for over seven generations. However, the ranch and land have been under continuous threat by land developers, the Brocken Rock Reservation, casino moguls, and more. 

Of course, the Dutton family is the sole owner of the ranch, along with the hired helpers and workers who are on the ranch to improve and protect it. The ranch borders the Yellowstone National Park. 

How Big Is The Dutton Ranch In Real-Life?

The Duttons have been a ranching dynasty in Montana and have lived on the property for a long time now. During the first three seasons of Yellowstone, no one made it clear how big the Yellowstone ranch was. However, we do have a few clues into how big it might be. 

For example, in season one of the Yellowstone series, Jamie Dutton commented that the ranch was over 200,000 acres bigger than when he took over as attorney. Besides that, another scene indicates how big the ranch might be. 

That is because Chief Thomas Rainwater tells John Dutton that you own a ranch that is the size of Rhode Island. Of course, while he said that for dramatic effects. However, if you take that into account, then the Yellowstone ranch is bigger than 775,000 acres. 

How Much Money Does Kevin Costner Make Per Episode Of Yellowstone?

If you are a fan of Yellowstone, you might also wonder how much Kevin Costner makes per episode as he is the lead. He at least makes $500,000 per episode. Besides that, his net worth is $250 million. 

Of course, that rate was in the beginning, and now the series has four seasons. For season 4, Kevin Costner was making more than $1.1 million per episode. That is because his contract was renewed for season four, and his rates were increased. 

How Much Rent Does Chief Joseph Ranch For A Cabin?

You can visit the Dutton Ranch and stay in the portion of the Chief Joseph Ranch that is rented out to guests. You will have to pay $1,500 per night for four guests if you want to stay here. The cabin has two twin beds, three queen-size beds, two bathrooms, two porches, a living room, a kitchen, and more. 

How Long Does It Take To Film A Season Of Yellowstone?

The Yellowstone series is a piece of drama and art, which is why it takes a while to film the series. For example, filming season four took at least four months. We can expect to see a similar filming schedule for season five, which is why we might not see episodes of Yellowstone until next year. 

So, all the Yellowstone fans will probably have to wait till next year for the next season to roll out. However, we are sure it will be worth it because each season of this series is always better than the previous one. The wait will be worth it once the season is out. 

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