How Much Is Flying Pikachu Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Pikachu is a famous character from the Pokémon card series. Some of the cards of this character are also rare. This is why many people purchase them as collectibles.

If you also collect such cards, you must be wondering about the flying Pikachu’s worth. So here is what you need to know about it.


How Much Is Flying Pikachu Worth?

The Flying Pikachu is available in ungraded and graded conditions. Its worth is $3.97 in an ungraded state, and one card sold is every day in this condition. You can also purchase a grade 7 Flying Pikachu for $12.99 or a grade 8 card for $15.35.

Grade 9 Flying Pikachu are also available on the market for about $17.16. One piece of this card is sold every day. Meanwhile, PSA 10 graded Flying Pikachu cards are the most prevalent and of the highest value. Every day at least two of these cards are sold, and each is worth $38.27. 

You should note that all these prices are the minimum value of this series. So you may have to pay a bit higher to get graded and ungraded cards.

Flying Pikachu VMAX - 007/025 Ultra Rare - SWSH Celebrations

Are Flying Pikachu Cards Rare?

A Flying Pikachu card can be rare, depending on the type you have. The worth of these cards relies on the grading. If you buy a Flying Pikachu with high grading, you should also expect to pay more. The Secret Rare cards of this series are rare and more expensive.

Besides that, Flying Pikachu cards with high attack scores are rare. They can damage the opponent seriously and help you win. So you may not find them readily on the market. The best way to get rare Flying Pikachu cards is by visiting an online or physical auction.

What Is The Rarest Pikachu Card?

The Pikachu Illustrator is the rarest card of this Pokémon character because it is scarce and deals serious damage. In 2019, a copy of this card was sold for $195,000 at an auction. The item was in a PSA Mint 9 condition and was the most expensive Pokémon card sold on that day.

Besides that, Pikachu Illustrator of grade 7 has been sold for as high as $375,000 in less pristine conditions. This card is mainly rare because only 23 copies have been graded. So it is relatively difficult to find pieces of this series in excellent condition.

How Much Is A Holo Flying Pikachu Worth?

A Holo Flying Pikachu is rarer than other cards of this series, so they have a relatively high value. This card has a minimum worth of $40 in ungraded condition. Meanwhile, grade 7 Holo Flying Pikachu has a value of about $68. This is the minimum grading in this series.

Grade 8 Holo Flying Pikachu are sold for about $90 every year. Four cards of this grading are sold annually. You can also buy the rare grade 9 cards for $300. On average, six of these cards are sold every year. PSA 10 graded Flying Pikachu is the rarest type from this series, with a value of $1,499.

Pokemon - Flying Pikachu (110/108) - XY Evolutions

How Much Is A 1999 Pikachu Card Worth?

The 1999 Pikachu is the 1st edition of this character’s series and is rare on the market. You can get the ungraded card for about $51. One ungraded card is sold every day on average. The grade 7 1999 Pikachu has a high value of $114.69.

Meanwhile, you can expect to pay $164.31 for a grade 8 card. The grade 9 cards are also rare as only one piece is sold in a week. As of May 2022, its worth is $333.84. Lastly, the PSA 10 graded 1999 Pikachu cards have a value of $1,608.56.

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How Much Is A Flying Pikachu 110/108 Worth?

The Flying Pikachu 110/108 is worth about $0.95 to $5.99 on the eBay market. You will encounter the most expensive form of this card in the 2016 options. For instance, the non-holo secret rare Flying Pikachu of 2016 was sold for $4.95 in used condition on eBay.

You can also purchase the PSA 10 graded card from this series. Its worth is about $38.27, and two of them are sold daily. The Evolutions Flying Pikachu cards also have a greater value of $5.99 on eBay. This card has a higher worth in graded condition.

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