How to Get Rid of Wedding Ring Indentation (2022)

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

There isn’t a quick hack to get your wedding ring indentation to vanish.

It’d have to be quite a patient process, and would depend on how long you wore the ring.

Regardless, here’s a summary of the steps:

  • Remove the ring gently so that the indentation isn’t pressed against any further. Apply lubricants like oil or window cleaner to make the removal easier and precise.
  • Gently massage the area of indentation so that blood could rush back to it. Any form of stimulation around the area of the indentation would make the process quicker and easier.
  • Use hot water to soak your finger. Hot water is known to be of help to the blood vessels that are constricted by the ring. It allows the blood vessels to expand and return to normal easily.
  • Gently massage your finger after applying hand lotion to it every day before you sleep. Hand lotions are known to moisturize skin effectively, and could remove any dead skin that may have formed around the indentation.

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How long does it take for a wedding ring mark to go away?

It highly depends on the amount of time you’ve worn the ring.

In case your wedding ring indentation hasn’t caused any dead skin or an incompatibly strong indentation, you should let time do its thing and wait for the indentation to disappear naturally.

Our bodies work in a way that they’re highly adoptive to all things they become accustomed to.

With a wedding ring on for a long period, our skin may adjust itself for it, and the same can be expected when the process is reversed.

If there don’t happen to be any additional effects from the ring to your skin, you can expect it to return to normal in a fair amount of time.

Thus, the longer you’ve worn the ring, the more time it takes for the indentation to vanish.

Take all the recommended steps and let the indentation go away by itself in enough time.

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 How do you get rid of ring lines on your fingers?

To get rid of the ring lines on your finger, you’ll either have to be patient enough for time itself to do its thing, or to apply practical measures like soaking your finger in hot water and routinely applying hand lotion to moisturize the skin around the area of indentation.

With all of these measures applied, as well as some patience, your skin will return to the way it was in a very short amount of time.

How can I hide my wedding ring tan line?

The best way to hide the wedding ring indentation on your skin is to wait long enough for the indentation to disappear naturally while applying hand lotion daily on the finger.

This will present a moisturized skin to the public, and will make it difficult for the wedding ring indentation to be seen.

But in case the indentation is strong enough for even the hand lotion to have less of an effect, you should cover it with another ring or wearing a finger band.   

Are ring marks permanent?

Besides being quite difficult to remove or hide, the ring marks aren’t permanent at all, and no matter how long they take, they eventually do end up vanishing.

As discussed above, our bodies modify themselves around different things, which explains the way our skins allow the rings to indent themselves.

Similarly, the lack of a ring would cause the process to reverse, and the wedding ring indentation would end up disappearing from your finger at a certain point.

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