James Allen vs. Whiteflash: Whose Natural Diamonds Make The Cut?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

When it comes to shopping for a high-quality natural diamond, few diamond retailers can compete with the extensive collection of brilliant natural diamonds offered by James Allen and Whiteflash.

With exquisitely cut diamonds and a commitment to creating a more equitable diamond industry, James Allen and Whiteflash are reshaping the diamond industry one ring at a time.


Who are James Allen and Whiteflash?

James Allen and Whiteflash are two well known luxury engagement retailers who specialize in sustainably-sourced natural diamonds. James Allen and Whiteflash offer large collections of premium engagement rings that are easily accessible online and can be shipped directly to a customer’s home.

Whiteflash: A Brilliant Experience

Founded in 2000 and boasting a collection of over 33,000 natural diamonds, Whiteflash has become a popular online destination for customers looking for high-end and ethically sourced engagement rings. Because Whiteflash is dedicated to providing only the highest quality diamonds, the company does not stock imitation or colored diamonds.

Whiteflash also promises to deliver elite diamonds that are world-renowned for their craftsmanship and performance. In addition to their A Cut Above Super-Ideal collection of hearts and arrows diamonds, Whiteflash stocks an extensive collection of certified AGS Ideal diamonds in round and princess cuts.

Aside from their unique collections, Whiteflash participates in a variety of charitable organizations, including Jewelers for Children, as well as the UN Global Compact and Gravity Light Project, reinforcing the company’s mission of creating a sustainable and equitable diamond industry.

James Allen: Largescale Luxury

With over 200,000 diamonds listed within their exclusive online collection, James Allen has become one of the largest online engagement retailers for any budget, taste, and design. James Allen partners with exclusive vendors, allowing the company to stock high-quality Conflict-Free diamonds at a lower cost than many of its competitors.

Because James Allen does not have a physical storefront, the company is able to offer customers a variety of premium diamonds at a fraction of the cost of traditional engagement retailers. James Allen offers some of the most popular styles of diamonds that can be viewed in high definition. Additionally, James Allen offers a large selection of setting and band options for any price-point, as well as custom engraving options to create a truly unique engagement ring.

The large collection offered by James Allen is made possible through the company’s exclusive partnerships with reputable vendors who uphold strong ethical guidelines and adhere to strict policies, including the Patriot Act, Kimberley Process, and United Nations resolution.

The Products

James Allen and Whiteflash provide extensive collections of ethically-sourced natural diamonds. With a focus on sustainability and a commitment to providing high-quality products, James Allen and Whiteflash provide diamonds with an ethical stamp of approval for any budget.

Whiteflash: High-Performance Diamonds

Whiteflash showcases the brilliance of natural diamonds through a variety of exclusive collections, including the A Cut Above Hearts and Arrows collection featuring Super-Ideal diamonds guaranteed to out-perform other diamonds on cut, color, and clarity.

Aside from their A Cut Above collection, Whiteflash stocks a large collection of Ideal diamonds in 10 shapes, including:

  • Asscher
  • Pear
  • Cushion
  • Princess

Additionally, Whiteflash offers four setting options, including pave, solitaire, three stone, and halo, as well as five metal options, including:

  • 18k White Gold
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • 18k Rose Gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

For those looking for designer options, Whiteflash offers a large selection of design engagement rings from Tacori and A. Jaffe, as well as their exclusive Whiteflash line, all of which showcase some of the most brilliant natural diamonds in circulation.

James Allen: Customizable & Conflict-Free

James Allen offers customers the unique opportunity to create a completely customized engagement ring with Conflict-Free diamonds and high-quality materials. James Allen offers a variety of customizable options, including a wide selection of diamond shapes, settings, and metal options.

Some of the customizable options offered by James Allen include their large collection of popular ring settings, such as:

  • Three-stone
  • Vintage
  • Pave
  • Solitaire

Additionally, James Allen offers popular diamond cuts, including emerald, radiant, and heart, which can be paired with six different metal options, including:

  • 14k and 18k white gold
  • 14k and 18k yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Platinum

For customers interested in designer collections, James Allen offers rings from luxury designers, including Danhov, Jeff Cooper, and Martin Flyer.

The Shopping Experience

Both James Allen and Whiteflash showcase their vast collections of natural diamonds through their online catalogue. While Whiteflash has a retail store located in Sugar Land, TX, James Allen has created a seamless shopping experience using an online business model.

Whiteflash Experience

The Whiteflash shopping experience is elegant and simple. With a well-designed filtering system, virtual ring sizing, and high-resolution photographs available for each diamond and ring, customers shopping with Whiteflash can easily find the perfect engagement ring in a variety of ways.

A Whiteflash customer may search for their ideal ring by browsing the large selection of loose natural diamonds, or by choosing a ring style, diamond shape, or metal option. Additionally, a customer can filter by price, carat weight, or popularity.

After filtering through the large collection of rings, a customer can view high-resolution photographs of the selected ring, as well as choose their preferred metal option. Once the ring and metal options have been selected, the customer will complete the ring by selecting a diamond based on shape, cut, carat, and clarity. Whiteflash offers free shipping for both domestic and international orders, as well as free resizing for one year.

Financing option through Whiteflash Affirm Financing, as well as a 90-Day Flex Plan for orders over $1500. If a customer is unsatisfied with their ring for any reason, the customer may return an in-house diamond within 30-day for a full return under the Whiteflash Guarantee.

James Allen Experience

Shopping with James Allen is a seamless process that allows customers to create their perfect engagement ring in three simple steps. If a customer has a question on any of the products offered by James Allen, a skilled Customer Service Specialist is available via telephone or chat 24/7.

A James Allen customer will begin the process by selecting a lab grown or natural diamond based on criteria such as price, cut, and shape. Using the James Allen Diamond Display Technology, a customer can view HD images and videos of each individual diamond and ring, as well as rotate and spin the image up to 360 degrees.

After selecting the perfect diamond, a customer will choose a setting from the James Allen collection, with options such as channel set, halo, or solitaire. Finally, the customer will choose from one of six metal options and add any additional custom features, such as an engravement, before heading to checkout.

All rings purchased through James Allen come with free resizing for 12 months and a lifetime warranty that includes routine maintenance, such as prong ripping, as well as manufacturing defects. Additionally, James Allen offers a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure that every ring purchased is absolutely perfect.

The Final Verdict – James Allen or Whiteflash?

Both James Allen and Whiteflash offer a large selection of natural diamonds that are luxurious, high-quality, and mindfully sourced. With brilliant diamonds available for any budget, James Allen and Whiteflash have changed the way customers shop for the perfect engagement ring.

While Whiteflash’s extensive inventory of natural diamonds is impressive, the price-point is much higher than James Allen, leaving some customers unable to access their exquisite collection. But with a large inventory, endless customization options, and prices starting at just $200, James Allen has truly opened the market to all wallets and allowed any budget to experience the brilliant beauty of natural diamonds.

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