How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Ring (5 Unique Methods)

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Prominent luxury jeweler Cartier creates some of the most beloved rings in the luxury jewelry industry. Unsurprisingly, the popular Love Ring collection from Cartier has become an attractive counterfeit item.

But luckily, Cartier Love Rings are known for having a specific set of identifiable characteristics that are helpful when verifying the authenticity of a ring.


How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Ring

Here are a few ways to tell if your Cartier Love Ring is real:

Serial Numbers

Authentic Cartier Love Rings are engraved with a unique serial number for each ring. Counterfeit suppliers in China commonly reuse serial number 52883A to pass off fake Cartier Love Rings as the real deal. However, authentic Cartier Love Rings will always have a unique and identifiable serial number specific to the individual ring.

Ring Size

A genuine Cartier Love Ring will always have the ring size engraved into the inside of the band. An authentic Cartier Love Ring missing the engraved ring size or with an engraving that does not look clear and legible is surely a fake.


A real Cartier Love Ring will include an engraved letter or emblem inside of the band indicating where the ring was made. Authentic Cartier Love Ring location examples include an engraved “Z” for Zurich, “G” for Geneva, and “*” for Basel. Rings missing location engravings are undoubtedly counterfeit versions of the ring.


Cartier uses only the highest quality materials and the collection of Love Rings is no exception. A genuine Cartier Love Ring should have a substantial weighted feel and appear smooth and lustrous.

Cartier Love Rings are always made of top-quality metals, including gold and platinum. Love Rings are available in a variety of gold colors, such as yellow, pink, and white gold.

Rings that appear dull, have shaky or uneven engravings, or come in a different color or metal option are impostures. Additionally, rings that begin to wear or chip are perfect examples of counterfeit rings.


It’s no surprise that genuine Cartier Love Rings come with a substantial price tag. Prices for authentic Cartier Love Rings range anywhere from $1,170 to upwards of $16,000. Any retailer offering a Love Ring for less than the typical price is likely counterfeit. While it might be tempting to buy a Cartier Love Ring that’s substantially discounted, an authentic Cartier Love Ring will always come with a premium price to match.


The Cartier Love Ring is a popular counterfeit ring with well-known replicas being produced in China using known counterfeit serial numbers. To ensure authenticity, always remain skeptical of Love Rings that appear dull, worn, or have uneven engraving.

Check and verify serial numbers for authenticity and ensure that all Cartier hallmarks, such as location emblems and ring size, are properly engraved and included on the ring. Cartier Love Rings are always luxuriously priced and all authentic rings will come with a premium price tag.

Remember: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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