Do Nose Piercings Look Good On Wide Noses?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Undeniably one of the most popular piercings, nose piercings remain a timeless but edgy body piercing suited for any nose. With a variety of unique looks and jewelry options, a nose piercing is guaranteed to elevate your facial features and make you stand out from the crowd.

When considering a nose piercing, you might ask yourself:


Why Get A Nose Piercing?

Nose piercings are a simple yet trendy addition to any face.

In fact, nose piercings have a long and rich cultural history around the world, including Indian, Aboriginal, and Native American cultures, and remain popular in today’s society.

A nose piercing can have many meanings and the decision to get a nose piercing is unique to each individual.

Types Of Nose Piercings

Nose piercings are one of the most popular piercing locations and can be done in four primary regions near the nose:


The nostril piercing is the most common and popular type of nose piercing. A traditional nostril piercing is placed near the delicate curvature of the nasal fold. Individuals may choose to get both nostrils pierced for a uniform look, or add extra accessories, such as connective chains, to enhance the overall style of the piercing.

High Nostril

Similar to the traditional nostril piercing, high nostril piercings are placed slightly higher on the nose just above the nostril folds. High nostril piercings look great paired with other piercings and are often done on both sides of the nose. Some individuals may choose to get double high nostril piercings for an even bolder look.


Popular and bold, septum piercings are the perfect statement piercing. The septum is a flexible piece of cartilage located between the nostrils and is the perfect piercing option for anyone looking for a unique upgrade to traditional nose piercings. Septum piercings can be done as a single piercing, or layered with two piercings to create an even more stunning appearance.


Incredibly edgy and gaining popularity, the bridge piercing is the ultimate choice for individuals looking for a truly unique nose piercing. A bridge piercing is placed at the top of the nose bridge between the eyes and is often done using a barbell or single studs, making a gorgeous and unique statement on any face.

Jewelry Options

One of the best parts of having a nose piercing is the variety of jewelry options available for each type of piercing. Traditional nostril piercings offer a large variety of jewelry options, including rings and studs. High nostril piercings have less variety, but can feature studs in dazzling shapes and colors. Individuals may also choose to add stylish chains and other embellishments to create the perfect look.

For those interested in the most unique nose piercings, septum and bridge piercings come with their own set of unique jewelry options. A septum piercing can be embellished with a simple ring or barbell. Individuals may choose to style their septum piercings with ornate rings decorated with precious stones, diamonds, and other dazzling materials. Likewise, those with bridge piercings can select from a variety of single stud or barbell options.

Nose Shapes

Despite what you may have heard, nose piercings look good on all noses! Because nose piercings are incredibly individualized, the piercing is less about the nose and all about the person.

Wearing your chosen nose piercing with confidence will ensure that you love your piercing and your nose. Remember that the decision to get a nose piercing is unique to each individual, just like each nose is uniquely shaped to fit every individual face. A nose piercing worn with confidence is guaranteed to look stunning on any face.

The Verdict

Deciding to get a nose piercing is a personal choice that should be made based on an individual’s personal opinions and reasons. Nose piercings look stunning on any face and can be a great tool to express your unique and individual personality.

From traditional nostril piercings to daring bridge piercings, a nose piercing is a perfect addition to any face who is ready to share its unique personality with the world.

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