How to Wear Multiple Rings – 2022 Tutorial

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

There are so many ways to style jewelry today that it’s almost impossible to decide on one style or another, especially when it comes to ring placement on your fingers and hands.

Wearing multiple rings at a time has become a huge trend over the past decade, but how do you wear multiple rings without it coming off as too much, too flashy, or just plain tacky?

If you want to try wearing multiple rings at one time, there are three major ways you can style them: Wearing multiple rings on one finger, wearing rings on multiple fingers on the same hand, or wearing multiple rings on both hands.

Personally, I usually opt for wearing rings on multiple fingers on the same hand. Every person obviously has different styles and preferences, though, so if you’re interested in discovering which style might suit you best, then read further.


How to Wear Multiple Rings

Let’s face it: It’s easy to become bored with your jewelry if you don’t switch it up every now and then. This might mean adding a new necklace to your collection, wearing a pair of chunky hoop earrings rather than dainty hoops, or switching out the charms on your charm bracelet.

However, I’ve found that the easiest way to add a little spice to my jewelry game is by changing up the rings I’m wearing every day, as well as which fingers and hands I’m wearing them on.

Wearing multiple rings at one time could even change the way you wear jewelry entirely.

How to Wear Multiple Rings on One Finger

If you’ve never experimented with wearing multiple rings at one time, then this is the best place to start.

Simply pick a finger on either hand that you wish to wear multiple rings on. The ring finger and middle finger are common choices. It is best to avoid using the pinky for this style, since wearing multiple rings on the pinky can sometimes leave it looking stubby and shorter than it actually is.

After this, you can pick out two or three rings from your collection to place on that finger. When you’re picking out your rings, test out different combinations on your finger to see what looks best. Typically, it is ideal to match silver with silver, and gold with gold.

You might also experiment here by pairing chunky-style rings with dainty rings. You’ll be surprised at what looks good together.

How to Wear Rings on Multiple Fingers

If your fingers are already on the shorter side, it might be best to avoid wearing multiple rings on one finger. Instead, you can opt for wearing rings on multiple fingers on the same hand. My fingers are a bit on the stubbier side, so this is often how I style my rings.

Again, decide which fingers you are going to wear your rings on before you start playing with the jewelry. The pinky and the index finger are a really good combination, as are the thumb and middle finger. If you’re hoping to wear three rings, then the most straightforward option is the pinky, middle finger, and thumb.

When you’re wearing rings on multiple fingers, it is still preferred that the colors complement one another. This doesn’t mean you can’t get wild with your color combinations, though. I even have a set of chunky-style rainbow rings that I sometimes like to wear on multiple fingers.

How to Wear Multiple Rings on Both Hands

The last option—well, at least the last option I’m going to discuss here—is wearing multiple rings on both hands.

With this style, you can mix and match wearing multiple rings on one finger and wearing multiple rings across both hands. It is basically just a combination of the above two styles.

One thing to be aware of with this particular style is that it’s very easy to go overboard with the rings. This being said, if you are choosing to wear multiple rings on both hands, make sure that you take the time to carefully pick out your jewelry so it does not look overly flashy, tacky, or detract from the rest of your overall style.

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