Talisa.com Jewelry Review for 2022

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Many people have jewelry on their holiday shopping list, which has them wondering what the best affordable jewelry websites are.

Talisa.com is a very popular jewelry website that has a big selection of jewelry sold at low prices.

At Talisa.com, you can find:

  • Name necklaces, bracelets, and rings
  • Earrings
  • Birthstone jewelry
  • Zodiac jewelry
  • Initial necklaces
  • Leather bracelets
  • Layered necklaces
  • Promise rings
  • Spinner rings

Over this Talisa jewelry review, we’re going to discuss what you can expect when buying the jewelry. We will cover whether or not Talisa is legit and how the quality of the jewelry holds up. Keep reading to find out more.


Talisa.com price range

The prices at Talisa.com are fair. There are plenty of great jewelry options for men and women under $150. Even the higher-priced items at Talisa cost under $300. It is very easy to find an attractive piece in your price range. 

Name rings and initial rings are very popular sellers at Talisa.com. These rings start at $49.95 for simple designs and more detailed rings are slightly higher.

Over many reviews of Talisa.com, the company has been praised for selling quality jewelry that is budget-friendly. 

Is Talisa.com legit?

Talisa.com is a legitimate jewelry company. It is owned by a husband and wife duo who had a vision of providing people with unique jewelry that represented their individuality. This jewelry company takes inspiration from styles around the world to create pieces their customers will adore.

All personalized jewelry from Talisa.com is the real deal. People will get exactly what they’ve ordered and most customers have been satisfied with what they received. What they ordered arrived exactly how it appeared online.

What is Talisa.com jewelry made from?

Almost all of the pieces sold from Talisa.com are made from 925 sterling silver. This company ensures that every item has been made with Alloy S 88 to ensure it’s resistant to tarnish. Since jewelry made from Alloy S 88 metal is de-ox, people wearing the jewelry don’t have to worry about corrosion from the metals. This makes them less likely to experience a reaction. 

All silver material used in the making of Talisa jewelry is sourced from United Precious Metal Refining, which is a US-based company. Talisa.com and the materials it uses when making jewelry are from the US. 

There are also a few gold-plated jewelry options from Talisa.com. These pieces are made from 1.5-micron gold plating, which is very high quality. 

Custom items from Talisa.com

Talisa.com is widely known for name and initial jewelry. You can customize the piece you order to include your name or initials. There are also options for buying pieces where you can put multiple names on them. Since Talisa.com also puts birthstones in certain jewelry pieces, people can order a piece of jewelry with their birthstone on it.

Part of what makes Talisa.com a unique company is that people are able to personalize the jewelry that they order so it is custom to them. People can wear a ring with their initials on it or a bracelet with the names of their grandchildren. There are many options at Talisa for ordering custom jewelry. 

Talisa.com shipping

It doesn’t matter how much you order at Talisa.com, free shipping is applied to all orders. If you are a customer in the US, shipping will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the order has been placed. It takes longer for the order to get ready because Talisa customizes the jewelry for each order.

International customers will need to wait approximately 3 to 4 weeks for their order to arrive. Any customers who want to place an order in Canada should visit Talisa.ca instead of Talisa.com for quicker shipping and to avoid exchange rates.

When shipping internationally, customers may be charged international taxes and duties. Talisa is not responsible for any of these charges and they can not estimate the approximate amount customers may be charged. A good rule of thumb for estimating is that international orders may get charged 20 % of the order’s cost for duties.

Talisa.com website review

If you want to buy jewelry online, Talisa.com makes it very easy. Each jewelry item is separated into categories, and each category has different styles to choose from. This makes it easier to find specific pieces and styles. When you choose the item you are interested in, there is an informative details section to let you know what to expect.

Before adding an item to your cart, you will be able to choose the right size and customize which birthstones or words you want to be added. Choosing the jewelry you want is very easy.

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