Is Buyma Legit? Here’s The Truth

Last Updated on July 12, 2022

Buyma is an internet business that sells a variety of items to customers. Buyma provides men’s and women’s apparel, as well as chilren’s clothes.

Customers all across the world use Buyma to purchase items. But how do people feel about using Buyma? What are your prospects for profit? Is it a fraud or something else?


Is Buyma Legit?

According to the firm, they only feature genuine high-end brand goods and are happy to report that out of 100,000 transactions, not one has occurred when a counterfeit, unauthorized product was involved.

Customers, on the other hand, have reported receiving undeliverable packages or faulty deliveries. It has been labeled a hoax or a scam by the majority of consumers as a result of this.

What is Buyma?

Tokyo-based company Enigmo established and ran Buyma, which was released in February 2005.

Buyma is a worldwide online shop that allows you to purchase unique and limited-edition fashion items and accessories at a reasonable price in your own country or area.

The service has 3.2 million users and 80,000 “Personal Shoppers” (sellers) from 128 nations and 7,600 distinct brands. The site’s popularity in Japan paved the way for its entrance into the United States.

Personal shoppers may use Buyma to purchase goods at lower prices from third-party merchants and deliver the items directly to clients. The site is currently running a summer sale, during which pieces from the SS16 collection are available for up onn an 80% discount.

Does the Site Steal Sensitive Data?

No! The Buyma site has never been linked to a data breach. As a result, all of your information is kept safe and secure on the site.

Does the Site Have a Refund Policy?

Yes! Buyma has a refund policy that may be effective under specific circumstances, such as faulty apparel, package delivery error, the package becoming mixed up, or other genuine situations covered by their Refund policy.

How Does Buyma Work?

When it comes to pricing, you may be one step ahead with Buyma. The Personal Shopper will go ahead and pick up the item from the third-party merchant and mail it straight to the customer’s home address after they order it.

Buyma Personal Shoppers purchase items at below-market costs, resulting in greater value for top-end designer products.

How Do You Become a Buyma Personal Shopper?

It’s as simple as creating a user ID and password to get started in this marketplace. Personal Shoppers on the site are mostly used as a showcase for the most recent fashion items available on the global market.

How Does Buyma Make Money?

It is a new sort of consumer to consumer marketplace. It differs from traditional business models in that it uses personal shoppers who make purchases from displayed goods in a more social setting.

Buyma’s personal shoppers are largely Japanese people who live abroad and use BUYMA to feature items from across the world.

How To Spot a Fake Online Store?

One of the worst aspects of the internet is fake online shops. These websites can quickly victimise you, and they’re also a vehicle for identity theft.

Scrutinize the URL

Look in the address bar to ensure that you’ve arrived on the page you intended, if you used a search engine to get there.

Some scam artists create URLs that are one letter off from the real sites, hoping you will make a spelling mistake.

Check the padlock in the address bar

Look at the drop-down menu and verify whether the site has a valid certificate like SSL (verifying that the web address belongs to the business). How many cookies are in use, other site settings, and whether your information is secure while sent to this website by clicking the padlock.

While the defense is effective, it isn’t perfect since cybercriminals have been able to duplicate these padlocks or takeover true sites that contain them.

Check the contact page

Verify that the firm does have a phone number and an email address listed. Send an email to the contact address given on the company’s website and see whether it is received. Check to see whether the email is not a generic one (such as, but rather one with the company’s brand (such as name@company).

Check the company’s social media presence

It’s worth checking a firm out on social media to see if they appear to have a genuine following and legitimate content. You should seek for: fake reviews, links to phishing scams, and malware infections.

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