Omega 3861 Vs. 321

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Omega is one of the top watch brands that has been creating some excellent watches for a long time now.

That is why it is no surprise that you might be contemplating purchasing a watch. The most popular choices among people are the 3861 and 321 when they select Omega watches. 

If you are also confused between these two models, then you have come to the right place. Here is your complete guide that will help you make an informed decision within no time. 


Omega 3861 Vs. 321: What Are The Features Of These Watches?

The most important difference you must understand is between the features of these two watches. For example, the Omega 3861 is the updated version of the caliber 861/1861. The watch features:

  • A silicon balance-spring 
  • Master Chronometer certified by METAS
  • Co-axial escapement 
  • And manual-winding chronograph movement 

On the other hand, the Omega 321 was born from a collaboration between Omega and Lemania. That is because the Lemnian 2310 was introduced in the 40s, and the 321 takes its inspiration from this movement. So, you can say it was a small comeback of a legend watch. 

The 321 is one of the most iconic timepieces by Omega, as it has played a role in all of the six lunar missions. So, if you want a classic timepiece, it doesn’t get better than the 321. 

Omega 3861 Vs. 321: What Are The Differences?

Owners of the 3861 and 321 prefer the latter because it has many features that add to the function and look of the watch. The main differences are that the 321 has a better finish, a ceramic bezel, and beautiful sapphires with no milky rings.

Besides that, the bracelet of the 321 is also much more sturdy and beautiful than the 3861. 

The dial of the 321 also looks much different than the 3861. For example, the dial on the 321 has less text and clutter than 3861. Finally, the 321 is also much more difficult to source than the 3861. 

That is because the 321 is much more expensive, and collectors will not sell the item to you, as it is a classic timepiece for their collection. So, it will be much easier for you to opt for the Omega 3861. 

Does NASA Still Use Omega Speedmaster?

The 321 has been used by many lunar missions, as it is a great watch that will work for spaceflight. Even now, the Speedmaster Professional is only one of the few watches that NASA has approved for spaceflight, and they are also qualified for EVA. The line also includes many other models. 

These include automatic mechanical watches and analog-digital watches. You can select anyone you like if you want to invest in a good Omega watch. However, some of them are difficult to find as they are not easily available in the market. 

What Is Better: Omega Or Rolex?

If you want an accurate watch, the Omega will definitely win in this regard. That is because Omega creates some of the best mechanical watches and quartz watches you will find.

Quartz watches are much more accurate than mechanical ones, which is why Rolex will not win in this game. That is because Rolex doesn’t manufacture quartz watches any longer, as their primary focus is on creating mechanical watches.

If accuracy is important to you, then we recommend that you invest in the Omega watch. Once you do, it will give you accurate timing and much more for a long time to come. 

Is An Omega Watch A Good Investment?

You might be wondering whether your Omega watch will be a good investment. The best part is that no matter what Omega watch you buy, it can be a great long-term investment.

That is because if you look at some of the vintage Speedmasters by the brand, you will find that their value has increased by a few hundred percent. 

That is why people who have owned these watches have gotten triple the return of the amount that they invested in the watch. We recommend that you invest in the vintage models if you want your investment to give you a high return. The key is to conduct extensive research and understand which one will suit your budget and needs most. 

Once you do, you can have the best Omega watch on your hands that will give you a high return on investment for a long time to come. So, don’t forget to get watches from this brand. 

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