Rolex 31mm Vs 36mm

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Rolex is a famous watch brand that supplies watches to men and women. It has various models in different colors to meet your needs. This is why you may be wondering about Rolex 31mm Vs 36mm.

If you’re wondering which watch is better for you, you’re in the right place. Here is a complete guide to Rolex 31 mm vs 36mm.

Rolex Datejust Champagne Dial with Diamond Hour Markers 36mm Watch (Ref. 116233)


Rolex 31mm Vs 36mm: What Are The Main Features?

Rolex Datejust 36 116234

Rolex 31mm is a classy watch with VI set diamonds for an aesthetic appearance. It has light reflections on the sides to highlight the item’s profiles well. The best part is that the watch is fitted with a bezel for a luxury look.

Besides that, Rolex 36mm has a similar design to the 31mm model because they are from the same Datejust series. This is the original classic version of the watch. So you will find it readily available in the market.

Both watches come in Oystersteel and yellow gold options with or without diamonds. White gold models are also available to offer you high flexibility.

Another primary feature of the two watches is that they have jubilee bracelets for a classic appearance. These models also have a Rolesor construction for high durability.

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Rolex 31mm Vs 36mm: What Is The Price Difference?

There is a significant price difference between Rolex 31mm vs 36mm. The latter is more expensive because of higher supply and demand. You can purchase a Rolex 31mm for $7,800 to $8,050. 

Meanwhile, the starting retail price of Rolex 36mm is $8,550 to $8,750. The exact cost of these models depends on the color you are purchasing. Your design choice will also affect the price significantly.

Models with diamonds are more expensive than watches without them. This is why you should consider various factors before buying Rolex 31mm or 36mm.

Is 36mm Rolex Too Big For A Woman?

Rolex 36mm is the classic Datejust model that the brand offers in a unisex design. The best part is that it is not too big for a woman. You can get the watch if you like to wear watches with a larger and chunkier appearance.

This model will help you enjoy a trendy but timeless look due to the high-quality design. The Rolex 36mm is also more suitable for women with bigger wrists. It also suits older adults more than younger females.

Is Rolex 36mm Too Small For A Man?

Rolex Datejust 41 Automatic Chronometer Men's Watch 126303GYRJ

Rolex 36mm is not too small for a man because of the larger build. The watch has a bigger size to accommodate the wrists of men. You should also remember that this model has a chunkier and more universal appeal.

Typically, Rolex 36mm is more suitable for men than Rolex 31mm. The latter model has a petite build that offers a more feminine appearance. This is why Rolex 31mm is mainly for young women with thin wrists.

The 36mm is best for men with average built to enjoy a classic appearance. If your wrists are bigger, you can also opt for Datejust 41mm watch for high flexibility.

Rolex 31mm Vs 36mm: What Are The Main Differences?

The main difference between Rolex 31mm and 36mm is the size of the watches. You can expect the former model to be smaller because it is designed for mid-sized individuals. 

Besides that, the appearance these watches give also varies. Rolex 31mm has a feminine look with a petite build. So it is best for small to medium wrists. Meanwhile, Rolex 36mm has a chunkier design that is mainly found in watches for men.

Another difference between the two models is that they are priced differently. Rolex 31mm is more expensive than 36mm because the latter is the original Datejust model. It came before most other Rolex watches and had high demand.

Rolex 31mm Vs 36mm: Which One Should You Choose?

The best way to know whether you should get Rolex 31mm or 36mm is by understanding your wrist size. If your wrist circumference is 130mm to 140mm, you should go for the former model. This will suit your small to medium wrist better.

Meanwhile, your wrist circumference must be at least 155mm to get a Rolex 36mm. This will allow the watch to sit better on your forearm without appearing very large.

You can also know which watch is for you by wearing the two models at the shop. Comparing how they look on your wrist will also help you decide easily.

Generally, Rolex 31mm is more famous amongst females while 36mm is mainly bought by males. Of course, you should remember that they both have unisex designs. So your wrist size and budget will help with the final decision.

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