How Much Is Petrified Wood Worth? (Price Guide and Value)

Last Updated on July 3, 2022

Petrified wood can be collected, and used for a variety of purposes, including jewelry and tabletops.

There is no simple price-per-pound formula for petrified wood; its worth is determined by the item’s size, color, finish and quality.

Small samples of low-quality petrified wood might be worthless. A high-quality petrified wood log, on the other hand, may sell a good value, depending on its size and condition.

It’s better to hire a professional, but we’ll go through the price aspects so you can have an idea of what to anticipate from petrified wood pricing.


How Much Is Petrified Wood Worth?

Assuming that the fossils you have are of good lapidary quality and may be converted into jewelry, you could expect to sell petrified wood for between $.25 and $10 per pound. In reality, you can anticipate to get a lower amount than this.

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What Is Petrified Wood?

When ancient trees that died millions of years ago were buried in mud, sand, and water, they turned to petrified wood. Minerals entered the wood of the trees over time, depositing minerals.

The wood rotted away, leaving behind only the minerals. The trees “turned to stone,” or became petrified. Petrification is the process by which this happens.

What Affects Petrified Wood Value?

We’ll go through the costs factors listed below to give you a feel for what petrified wood pricing might be like.


The size of a piece of petrified wood is the first thing to consider when determining its value. This is true since most collectors prefer smaller pieces of petrified wood. While some people collect larger pieces of petrified wood for making furniture, most collectors focus on small fragments for lapidary use.

Small pieces of petrified wood are quite common and have a low value. If the pieces are one to three inches long, they will typically be worth a dollar or two each.

Bulk quantities of these parts are frequently purchased for less. A petrified wood log weighing 50 pounds, on the other hand, might sell for $150 or more. The larger pebble-like specimens are far more uncommon than intact pieces of this size.


In addition to size, the first aspect to consider when valuing a piece of petrified wood is its quality. While some types of petrified wood can fracture naturally, other kinds are extremely fractured, porous and crumbling.

A good piece of petrified wood is sturdy enough to be cut and polished without breaking apart or crumbling.


The color of petrified wood is determined by the minerals present in the fossilization process, which may range from green to orange to blue to red to pink or brown.

The most valuable examples are those that have vibrant or unusual colors, as opposed to ones that are unpolished and dark in tone. Pieces in muted browns and grays tend to be the cheapest. Certain colors, such as bright blue and purple tones, are especially rare and hence more valuable.

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In general, polished or tumbled petrified wood is worth more than a comparable piece that has not been polished.

The main reason for this is because polishing these stones takes so much time. It takes a long time to get the final polish since they’ve already done the hard work, and paying a premium makes sense.

Small pieces are unlikely to be worth more than a few dollars, whether polished or unfinished. Rough limbs measuring up to a few inches in length typically sell for $4-$8.

The grain and color detail in one end of the limb can add up to $10-$20 to the price. A completely polished 3″ sphere may be worth up to $50-$60.

Where to Sell or Buy Petrified Wood?

One method to get petrified wood is to purchase it on an online auction site like eBay. However, shipping charges might be high depending on how heavy your item is.

Look for a stone buyer in your area or use a peer-to-peer platform like Facebook Marketplace to locate local collectors if you’d rather purchase or sell locally.

Be aware that state and national laws may restrict your right to remove petrified wood from public lands. You shouldn’t collect public land petrified wood in the first place, then try to sell it, unless you’re sure of the restrictions.

Remember, you can’t collect more than 250 pounds of petrified wood on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property each year, and you can’t sell it. You may not remove or sell petrified wood from national parks like Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park.

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