What Is the Value of Arrowheads? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on July 3, 2022

Arrowheads have been discovered in enormous quantities and are a testament to human ability that dates back tens of thousands of years.

While finding one may be exciting, the chances are that they aren’t worth much financially, but this does not imply they don’t have value.


What Is the Value of Arrowheads?

The value of a particular arrowhead is dependent on many factors, including how rare it is. In the best situations, an arrowhead can be worth $20,000 even if it only costs $5, while an average arrowhead is worth about $20.

If an arrowhead has some unusual feature that distinguishes it from other arrowheads, it may be worth a lot more than usual.

What is The Rarest Arrowhead?

The most expensive arrowhead ever sold was a prehistoric Clovis point made of valuable green obsidian that sold for $276,000!

Clovis points, which are arrowheads produced from a special metal, are highly coveted and unusual. Clovis points are prehistoric artifacts found in North America that date back about 10,000 to 13,500 years ago.

According to legend, only around 10,000 Clovis points have ever been discovered, making them the rarest arrowheads in the world.

Are Arrowheads Valuable?

The value of an arrowhead is determined by a variety of factors, including the size, form, quality, and condition.

An unusual material adds value to an arrowhead as well. To be prized above a modest sum, an arrowhead must stand out.

What Material Was Used to Make the Arrowhead?

Traditional arrowheads are worth less than ones created from more unusual materials. Arrowheads were sometimes fashioned out of ordinary gems like jasper. These arrowheads are more valuable.

Colorful flints or cherts were used to create a variety of arrowheads, instead of gray stones. Arrowheads constructed out of colorful minerals, coral, agate, or other exotic materials may be more valuable than you realize because collectors are harder to come by them.

Is the Arrowhead Damaged?

A chipped or fractured arrowhead is not worth as much as a whole one. The majority of the arrowheads I come across have broken points.

An arrowhead’s value drops considerably when its point is damaged or destroyed.

Is the Arrowhead Typically Designed?

There are many different types of arrowheads. If your arrowhead is typical for its type, it could be more valuable than you think.

If it doesn’t seem to belong in one category or another, it’s not likely to be worth much. Uniqueness seldom raises the value of an arrowhead. In each style, collectors require typical examples of arrowheads.

Is the Arrowhead Large and Thin?

The value of arrowheads depends on their size. Collectors are also more interested in thin arrowheads than broad ones, however they want to collect arrows of many different shapes and sizes.

Is the Arrowhead of High Quality?

Not all arrowheads were expertly crafted, some having flaws in terms of symmetry or quality.

A well-made, balanced and symmetrical arrowhead is more valuable than a poorly constructed one.

Can You Find Arrowheads Almost Anywhere?

Yes, arrowheads can be found almost anywhere in the United States. There were no areas of the country that were permanently uninhabited; as a result, you may dig up anything anywhere. Some locations are better than others for finding arrowheads, but there are items to discover in every state.

Does the Arrowhead Have Any Exciting History?

It’s possible the arrowhead was a part of a renowned collection and is worth more than usual. The location where the arrowhead was discovered can also impact its value.

Learn to Price Arrowheads 

You may learn the fundamentals of pricing arrowheads by perusing eBay auctions. You’ll be able to tell what sells for a few tens of dollars, what is more valuable, and what is worth significantly less based on collectors’ asking prices.

After you’ve looked at other people’s auctions, made a few modest sales yourself, and learned the basics, you should be able to do it.

For more sophisticated information about how to price arrowheads, especially arrowheads that are worth more than a few dollars, you might wish to get a complete book on the subject.

If you know what kinds of arrowheads there are from all over the country and what they’re worth to collectors, you can become a minor expert. You may discover an excellent arrowhead.

How Do I Sell My Arrowheads?

You may sell them to ancient artifact purchasers, use a website that promotes the sale of genuine ancient relics, or sell them on your own through an internet store or at an artifact event.

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