What Color Jewelry Goes With Burgundy?

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

A burgundy suit can help you draw attention away from other loud pieces in your wardrobe and add a pop of color to your collection without taking over. However, if you want to make the most of one of your burgundy clothing options, you’ll need to know how to accessorize.

Warm tones, such as gold, white, cream, and brown, complement a burgundy ensemble’s inherent depth. In comparison to your outfit, other statement hues such as blues or contrasting reds might be considered statements on their own.

It’s up to you to choose the colors that best complement your burgundy appearance. You may continue to build your accessory collection once you’ve established a color palette.


What Color Jewelry Goes With Burgundy?

The variety of jewelry on the market today may make it difficult to pinpoint the ideal accessories for a burgundy wardrobe. Fortunately, you may apply many of the same color principles to your jewelry that you would to shoes or a handbag.

Gemstone blues and reds, in particular, catch the attention. Earrings or necklaces in these colors can make your burgundy item into a background hue.

If you want to accentuate a burgundy ensemble, choose lighter accessories or avoid using metal hues. Gold and silver look amazing on a burgundy outfit. Only bronze appears to clash, yet you may use the contrast to draw eyes all over your appearance.

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What Color Jewelry Goes With Burgundy Dress?

Yellow gold is an excellent complement to dark burgundy tones and helps to provide warmth and energy to jewelry that doesn’t utilize tone-on-tone.

The soft red hue stands out against the rich crimson, making for a beautiful, cool contrast. Keep accessories to a minimum if you’re wearing burgundy with gold or silver.

Earrings in burgundy go well with any hair color, as they will direct attention to the neck and jawline. Similar effects can be achieved by wearing burgundy gems on a statement necklace or choker, which draw attention to the collarbones on light and dark skin.

As long as you’re donning an ensemble that makes you feel attractive and comfy, adding burgundy accessories to your burgundy outfit may be a real treat.

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Can You Wear Silver With Burgundy?

The burgundy dresses with silver shoes look magnificent, but the metallic tone works with every color outfit/dress you put on under the sun.

A pair of silver ankle boots, stiletto sandals, or patent white pumps can be added to your maroon ensemble. These ideal shoes are worn with this beautiful dress.

What Colors Can You Wear With Burgundy?

Burgundy has a serious tone, yet it can also appear to be a standout hue—particularly during the winter months when you’re surrounded by bland black, brown, gray and white hues. Similar to cool-toned navy, you may wear this warm jewel tone with practically anything.

Does Pink go with burgundy?

You may pick up a number to match your burgundy by selecting from light to medium pink hues. It’s best to stay away from neon and bright pink colors since they’ll draw attention! It’s an easy, attractive combination.

Who Looks Good in Burgundy?

In general, burgundy hues that are cooler in temperature and have a lot of red and violet within them appear best on individuals with pink, olive, or ebony skin tones. Warmer burgundy colors with more brown tones suit complexions that are peach or golden.

Can You Wear Burgundy With Black?

The burgundy hue is ideal for winter because it’s a rich hue that can be paired with black. This is a rather dark color scheme, making it ideal for the cold months and late nights.

How Can You Shop Jewelries For Your Burgundy Outfit?

There are some storefronts that will let you bring the perfect jewelries with you to better color-match your burgundy outfit.

If you’re buying from home, read the reviews on the items you’re looking at. Some of the products offered in online stores are not exactly as they appear in pictures. To figure out how a product might look different when paired with your clothing, read reviews carefully.

If you’re not sure what colors work best with your own look, that’s fine. Avoid gold and cream if you don’t like how your hair or skin tone looks when they’re combined!

Today, there are a lot of color-matching accessories to discover in person and on the internet. Once you’ve figured out your personal style, you may mix and match these components with a dark ensemble.

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