What Does Double Nose Piercing On Opposite Sides Mean? Learn All About It Here

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Nose piercings are super trending these days. You’ll see many celebrities, influencers, and more donning these on the regular. When it comes to nose piercings, there are multiple types that one can get, including the septum, left nose piercing, right nose piercing, or even a double nose piercing.

Nose piercings can work wonders for all face types, and prove to add more personality to every face. Septum piercings work great for people with round faces, double nose piercings with exceptionally well for long faces, and more. My face shape falls on the longer side, and I can assure you that getting a double nose piercing has been nothing short of amazing.

Here, I’ll walk you through with what double nose piercing on opposite sides is all about, how it looks, what it costs, and so much more. Keep reading to find out all about double nose piercing on opposite sides.


What is a Double Nose Piercing on Opposite Sides?

Let’s start with the basics. What is double nose piercing on opposite sides? Well, it’s really what is says. You get both your nostrils pierced, so that piercings are on opposite sides of your nose. It’s quite fascinating and surely strikes up many conversations, I can vouch for that.

When it comes to the meaning of this type of piercing, it’s all linked to Asian tradition. In India, women pierce their left nostrils as it’s believed that it helps in reducing the pain of menstruations and childbirth. While there’s no research on this phenomenon, this is a widely practiced tradition across the country.

Nowadays, nose piercings have become more of a fashion statement. So, your double nose piercing also symbolizes uniqueness, boldness, rebellion, and most importantly freedom of choice.

Getting a double nose piercing will surely make you stand out from the crowd and help you create your own vibe. You’re bold and you’ve got the liberty to live your life the way you want to.

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How Long Should You Wait Before Getting Your Second Nostril Pierced?

When it comes to the practical implications of getting double nose piercings on opposite sides, you must know that the process is slightly length. If you already have one nostril pierced, then nothing should stop you from going on to get your second one done.

However, if you’ve got a bare nose, then you might need to do some waiting. Why is that? Well, getting both your nostrils pierced together is tricky as nose piercings can take up to two months to heal. It’s essential not to move around your nose piercing too much during this time, and ensure that it’s well taken care of through regular cleaning.

You want to make sure that you go one nostril at a time so that you don’t have scares of infections during the process. Get one nostril pierced, wait till it’s completely healed, and then move on to get the adjacent nostril piercing. That’s the best way to go about this.

How Much Does a Double Nose Piercing on Opposite Sides Cost?

Speaking of piercings, their prices can vary depending where you go. Typically, the average price for nostril piercing costs about $30 to $80, including the price of nose stud or ring you’re going for. So, a double nose piercing will cost you double the price.

Does Getting a Double Nose Piercing Hurt?

If you’re going to get both your nostrils pierced at the same time (not advised at all), you should prepare yourself to more pain as well. However, if you’re following through with my process and getting them done one by one, then it’ll be slightly less excruciating.

While every person’s pain threshold and body reaction is different, on average, nose piercings cause minimal pain when done by a professional. So, don’t try to get it done from an inexperienced person if you wish for it to be done accurately. DIY piercings can get really bad and become highly painful, so you don’t want to risk it at all.

Is it Beneficial to Get Double Nose Piercings?

Apart from being a style statement and bringing some ease for women during menstruation and childbirth, double nose piercings come with other benefits as well.

According to many, getting a double nose piercing may also work as a remedy for respiratory issues, especially if you wear gold studs or rings for your piercings. Along with this, double nose piercing is also linked to regulating mental health as it boosts confidence and focus.

Do Double Sided Nose Piercings Look Good?

Now, you can rest assured that double nose piercings on opposite sides make a great statement. They give you a confident look and you get to personalize your style with them. Take it from me, getting the double sided nose piercing is truly liberating. Wear identical nose rings/ studs, complementing accessories, and more on your double nose piercing on opposite sides.

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