How Much Is Ear Piercing In Claire’s? 2022 Update

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Piercings are used by many men and women to improve their looks. For instance, you may get an ear piercing to represent your personality. Besides that, you may get a nose piercing to improve your face’s look.

Claire’s is one of the best places you can get an ear piercing from. Typically, their prices in the UK start from 15 pounds for two ear lobes. However, it can also be lower depending on the type.

If you are looking to learn how much Claire’s ear piercing cost, you have come to the right place. We have all the information you require to make a wise decision about getting an ear piercing from Claire’s. So here is everything you need to know.


How Much Is Ear Piercing In Claire?

Claire’s ear piercing cost for two ear lobes cost 15 pounds, while a single piercing will cause 12 pounds damage to your wallet. This salon has four options available to help you. The key thing to note is that these prices include ear piercing service, care lotion, and specialist piercing options.

Besides that, you should keep in mind that Claire’s ear piercing costs zero if you get a starter kit. The salon offers the service for free with kit due to promotional reasons. However, keep in mind that the starter kits are more expensive than the standard options.

A starter kit can be 30 pounds or more at Claire’s and it includes standard piercing service. Besides that, the kit also contains the after-care lotion you require to maintain your health. It can be a cost-effective option at times and many people opt for it.

Apart from that, you should keep in mind that cartilage ear piercings can come with an additional fee even after you have bought the starter kit. This is why the kit option is not the best choice for this type. After all, you can end up paying very high with a starter kit.

Another thing to note is that the actual price depends on the piercing type you want to get. Standard options can cost you anywhere from 10 pounds to 20 pounds depending on your number of ear lobes. Meanwhile, the cartilage piercing costs 25 pounds to 40 pounds.

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What Age Does Claire’s UK Do Piercing For?

A key thing you should note is that piercing can be painful and harmful depending on your skin sensitivity. This is why it is not recommended for young kids and teens. Typically, you need to be of age 16 or above to get an ear piercing from Claire’s UK.

Besides that, you should remember that some branches can allow you to get pierced if you are below 16. However, you must take your parent with you to the store in such a case. If a parent is not present, a guardian can also help you get the piercing.

Of course, UK law also requires you to have a parent present if you are below 16 when getting a piercing. This is why you should not break the law to get this accessory. The store can also refuse to give you the piercing if they find you or the guardian to be suspicious.

Why Is Claire’s Ear Piercing Bad?

The top thing to remember about ear piercings is that they are not suitable for people with sensitive skin. This is why the process can hurt a lot depending on the technique and cause injury. The primary way Claire’s pierce your ear is by using a piercing gun.

You should note that the gun does use a hollow needle to make the piercing hole. Instead, it burns through the flesh using an earring and can cause severe flesh trauma. The piercing can also hurt for days depending on your pain threshold.

Apart from that, a piercing gun also causes scarring which may be temporary or permanent. This depends on various factors including the burning intensity. Additionally, the wound can take a lot of time to heal and the redness to decrease.

Can I Bring My Own Earrings To Claire’s?

There is no harm in bringing your own earrings to Claire’s for the piercing. However, you should make sure that it has some essential features. For instance, it should be lightweight so that you experience less pain during the process.

Besides that, heavy earrings can also cause discomfort during the healing time. This is why you should avoid getting such a piece of jewelry for your ear piercing at Claire’s. If you don’t have a lightweight earring, the store can provide it to you.

Does Claire’s Pierce Noses?

The good news for you is that Claire’s offers nose piercing to all customers falling in the suitable age group. You can go to the salon and get a basic nose piercing from them. The prices vary depending on the number of piercings you want.

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