What Does A Heart Tattoo Behind The Ear Mean? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Tattoos, which can be permanent or temporary, are a type of modification that people do on their body by the insertion of dyes, ink inside the layer of the skin known as the “dermis”.

Previously, tattoos were seen as a thing that was wrong and forbidden. Those days are gone now as in this modern age, getting tattoos is common practice with no judgments at all.

Tattoos give people the sense of having control over their bodies along with having the opportunity to be creative.

The first big step to getting a tattoo is to figure out what design you’re going to get and the second important thing to decide is what body part do you want your tattoo on. There are a few safe tattoo designs that people usually opt for especially when they’re going to get their first tattoo, this includes the heart tattoo.

Usually, people consider getting tattoos on their arms, wrist, shoulder blades, etc. However, for smaller designs, a great place to get your tattoo would be behind the ear.

Even though it sounds scary, the result is absolutely worth getting a tattoo behind the ear. Scroll down below to find out more details about what a heart tattoo behind the ear would mean and much more.


What does a heart tattoo behind the ear mean?

The heart is one of the commonest tattoos that you’ll find that people have. It is something that’s the most vital part of the human body hence holding a lot of importance to it. The heart is recognized as the hub for all the emotions, including love, compassion, etc which people relate hence making it the perfect tattoo design that one should have.

Getting tattoos behind the ear is something you won’t see as frequently as you would on other areas of the body such as the arm. If you want your tattoo to have an intimate and delicate touch then look no further than getting a beautifully crafted small heart design tattoo behind your ear.

A heart tattoo behind the ear, not only looks gorgeous but can also have a deeper meaning associated with it. One of the things that this type of tattoo would represent is that you’re always listening to your heart. This will show how you do not follow others, instead, it’s your own heart and feelings that you pay attention to which help you achieve everything that you aim for.

Apart from that, a tattoo of a heart behind your ear can be sentimental as well in a way that if you’ve lost someone- a friend or family, the heart behind your ear can represent their heart which symbolizes that no matter what, they will always be present in your thoughts.

As the heart is something that symbolizes love, a tattoo of it makes it the best way to show someone how much you love them. So, if you’re wondering what to do to show love to your significant other, head on over to the nearest tattoo parlor and get yourself a heart tattoo behind your ears.

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Is getting behind the ear tattoo painful?

Honestly speaking, one of the reasons why ear tattoos aren’t that common is because of the pain that comes with them because it’s a sensitive area.

Every human has their own pain threshold, for some, it feels more like an irritation while people with a lower pain threshold tend to feel a lot of pain during the process. Just make sure to go to a tattoo artist that has good experience with the type of tattoo you want and you’ll be good to go.

Remember that pain is temporary so do not let that stop you from getting a tattoo behind the ear because in the end, when you see yourself in the mirror standing there with the tattoo it’ll be worth it all.

What does a heart tattoo symbolize?

A heart is an emblem of happiness, passion, and of course love so getting a heart tattoo will allow you to show your soft and emotional side. The meaning behind your heart tattoo can be different depending on the color you choose. Usually, a red heart represents love and romance, a yellow one signifies a new chapter of your life while a black heart represents grief.

That being said, the heart tattoo you’ll get will represent what you truly want it to so no matter what design or color you get, it’ll be your very own personalized thing that can mean whatever you want it to mean.

How long do behind-the-ear tattoos last?

One thing to consider before getting a tattoo behind your ear is that they typically don’t last that long and require a lot of care. If you want your tattoo to not fade then make sure that the hair product you use is not touching.

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