What Does Tatu Baby’s Neck Tattoo Say? All You Need To Know

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Tattoos have become prevalent over the years because of their excellent designs. You can get a meaningful ink to display your personality in the best way. Besides that, the design can also help you by motivating you to succeed.

Tatu Baby is a famous tattoo artist who was in the reality show called the Ink Master. Since then, she has become highly famous for her designs and excellent inks. Additionally, her signature tattoo is also intriguing because of the intricate design.

Are you looking to learn what does Tatu Baby’s neck tattoo says? If so, your search ends now. Here is everything you need to know about it.


What Does Tatu Baby’s Neck Tattoo Say?

Tatu Baby has purple ink on her neck that resembles a tattoo stencil design. This is why it is difficult to read from a distance and understand what it means. Luckily, the artist has opened up about the meaning and spelling of her neck tattoo.

The neck tattoo of Tatu Baby has Rawyalty written in a stencil design for intricacy. She chose this text because she tends to feel like royalty at times. This is why Tatu Baby decided to get this personality trait etched on her skin.

Besides that, she purposely chose “Raw” for the term to give a quirky twist to the tattoo. It also represents her raw personality and makes the ink more iconic. Thus, the Tatu Baby neck tattoo is more meaningful than you may have thought.

The Tatu Baby neck tattoo may be hard for you to find because of its placement. You may also not be able to read it properly unless you zoom in on her picture. She also chose her tattoo to be Rawyalty because she has been a spoiled child.

Is Tatu Baby Still Tattooing?

Tatu Baby has been serving as a professional tattoo artist since the age of 19. She is continuing with her work because of her excellent skills and high demand. The artist specializes in black and grey tattoo designs. Besides that, she can also make photorealism inks.

The best part about Tatu Baby is that she can make simple to complex designs. Not only that, but she has participated in tattoo competitions and a TV series called Ink Master. You can watch to see her talent and excellency when it comes to tattoos.

However, keep in mind that you must be 18 years old if you want to get tattooed by Tatu Baby. This is a minimum limit set by US law which is why you should adhere to it.

How Do I Get Tattooed By Tatu Baby?

The primary way to get tattooed by Tatu Baby is by contacting her for an appointment. You can do this by emailing her at the address she has provided to the public. If you don’t have the address, no need to worry. It is present on Tatu Baby’s website.

Once she receives your email, she will contact you with further details. However, keep in mind that the process can take some time depending on her openings. It is to note that many people use Tatu Baby for getting their inks.

Typically, she will book your appointment on a day that you prefer. Then, you can visit the physical address to get the ink. Rest assured that Tatu Baby will do the tattoo herself. The best part is that she also offers deals on various occasions so you may get lucky.

How Much Does Tatu Baby Charge?

The prices of Tatu Baby fluctuate frequently which is why it is hard to track the exact figure. Besides that, the cost can also vary depending on the design, placement, colors, and much more. However, you should expect to pay $200 or more for each hour.

Another thing you should note is that Tatu Baby books a minimum of three hours for the tattoo. She provided this information on her old website. You can learn recent details by emailing her at her professional address.

The email address for booking is available on Tatu Baby’s Instagram profile. You can also directly message her on that social media platform to learn more.

Where Is Tatu Baby Now?

Tatu Baby works at a shop called Till The End Tattoos. You can also visit the place directly to get a tattoo without an appointment. However, there are no guarantees that you will get Tatu Baby.

Hence, it is best to book an appointment before showing up at the place. She can also make you a “Rawyalty” neck tattoo like hers.

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