What Is A Square Cut Diamond Called?

Last Updated on April 20, 2022

You’ve probably seen square cut diamonds in some of the most popular bridal magazines and worn on the hands of celebrities. But what exactly is a square cut diamond and what makes it so special?

We’ll answer these questions and more, including:

  • What is a square cut diamond?
  • Is a square cut diamond a good cut?
  • Why choose a square cut diamond
  • How popular are square cut diamonds?
  • Do square cut diamonds sparkle?
  • How much does a square cut diamond cost?
  • Is a square cut diamond worth the price?
  • What are the downsides of a square cut diamond?
  • How to care for a square cut diamond?


What Is a Square Cut Diamond Called?

A square cut diamond is a diamond that has a square appearance. Square cut diamonds are known by many names, including:

Princess Cut

Considered a contemporary cut of diamond, the princess cut diamond is square in nature and has a pyramid-like shape. Princess cut diamonds have pointed corners and strong, angular lines.

Asscher Cut

An asscher cut diamond is octagonal in nature but gives the illusion of a square shape when set. Asscher cut diamonds feature a flat table, cropped corners, and a high crown.

Radiant Cut

Radiant cut diamonds have 70 facets and offer an impressive sparkle. Radiant cut diamonds have a square appearance and have soft, rounded edges.

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut diamonds appear more narrow than other square cut diamonds but offer exceptional fire created by large facets. Cushion cut diamonds are considered a modern take on a vintage classic.

What Is a Square Cut Diamond?

A square cut diamond is one of the most popular modern diamond shapes. A square cut diamond is both brilliant and radiant and features sharp edges and polished lines.

Square cut diamonds feature a large number of facets, making square cut diamonds a great choice for those who enjoy diamonds with impressive fire.

Why Choose a Square Cut Diamond?

Choosing a square cut diamond is a great choice for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Affordability
  • Popularity
  • Durability

Who Invented the Square Cut Diamond?

The square cut diamond was invented by Israel Itzkowitz in 1979.

Is a Square Cut Diamond a Good Cut?

Yes! A square cut diamond is a wonderful choice because it pairs well with most settings and is considered a modern and affordable cut.

How Popular Are Square Cut Diamonds?

Square cut diamonds are considered the second most popular cut of diamond, coming in second only to round cut diamonds.

Why Are Square Cut Diamonds Popular?

Square cut diamonds are one of the most popular cuts of diamond because they offer exceptional sparkle at a more affordable price. Square cut diamonds are considered beautiful and modern.

Do Square Cut Diamonds Sparkle?

Yes! Square cut diamonds are sought after for their brilliant sparkle.

How Many Facets Does a Square Cut Diamond Have?

Square cut diamonds have an average of 57 facets which creates dynamic and brilliant sparkle.

What Is a Facet and Why Does It Matter?

A facet refers to flat surfaces strategically arranged on the diamond surface. Facets are arranged in a geometric pattern and create optical illusions that help produce the illusion of sparkle.

Does Color or Clarity Matter More With Square Cut Diamonds?

If choosing between clarity or color when selecting a square cut diamond, the color will be a bigger priority. This is because lower color grades can make edges appear more visible on square cut diamonds.

What Is a Good Depth for a Square Cut Diamond?

Select square cut diamonds with a depth of 68-75%.

How Much Does a Square Cut Diamond Cost?

Square cut diamonds have a wide price range, making the square cut an excellent option for customers with budgets big and small.

Why Are Square Cut Diamonds Cheaper Than Other Cuts?

Square cut diamonds are more affordable than other cuts of diamonds because the rough stone is maintained during the polishing process, making the process more efficient and less time-consuming.

Are Square Cut Diamonds Worth the Price?

Yes! Square cut diamonds are more affordable than other cuts of diamonds but still provide exceptional sparkle and brilliance.

Do Square Cut Diamonds Hold Value Well?

Square cut diamonds hold value reasonably well. However, square cut diamonds with a high number of imperfections are less likely to maintain the original value.

What to Consider When Choosing a Square Cut Diamond?

Square cut diamonds provide outstanding brilliance and sparkle but typically have more inclusions than other cuts of diamonds. Because of this, customers should be aware that square cut diamonds can be prone to chipping near the edges.

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