What Size Is 24 Inch Waist?

Last Updated on June 14, 2022

24 inches waist is a size you will come across in women’s clothing sections. Men don’t fall in this category because most have a larger build. Typically, a 24-inch waist is associated with a size zero woman.

If you want to know more about the size this waist corresponds to, you’re in the right place. Below we have detailed everything about the 24-inch waist size and how to get it.


What Size Is 24 Inch Waist?

A 24-inch waist refers to size zero in the US women’s sizing chart. It is also x-small as per the alpha sizes. You should also measure your bust and hips to determine the overall clothing size.

Your clothing size will be XS if you have 24 inches waist, 32 inches bust, and 34.5 inches hips. You should also remember that a 25-inch waist also corresponds to XS size. However, the US size will differ.

All women with a 24-inch waist will be size zero. However, not all XS females are size zero. Here is a table for better understanding:

Alpha Size US Women’s Size Bust in Inches Waist In Inches Hips in Inches
XS 0 32 24 34.5
XS 2 33 25 35.5

These sizes are mainly for women with the standard body instead of the petite type. The latter type includes females of 5’3″ height and smaller built. As a petite woman with a 24.5 inches waist, your size will be small.

How Small Is A 24 Inch Waist?

This waist is very small for a woman because it is associated with a relatively flat stomach. A 24-inch waist is a minimum size you can achieve without becoming severely underweight. Many people also consider this waist to be tiny.

However, your hips will also affect the waistline and its appearance. A slightly curvy body may help your 24-inch waist look bigger than that of most other females. So you must consider your body shape before purchasing an item.

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How Common Is A 24 Inch Waist?

A 24-inch waist is not common amongst the standard audience. You will not encounter females frequently when performing daily tasks. This size is only prevalent in some models and endurance athletes.

Size zero women are preferred over other sizes to walk runways because of their slim physique. However, this was mainly common in the past. The fashion industry has evolved, so plus-sized and standard-sized women are also seen in fashion shows.

As per data, a 24-inch waist is most prevalent in kids of age seven to eight. So you will also not encounter many teenagers of size zero. Many older females with this waist are also considered underweight.

How To Get A 24 Inch Waist?

It is no secret that a 24-inch waist will be beneficial if you want to do modeling. The best part is that you will not be considered underweight if you maintain a specific body mass. 

Cardiovascular exercises, dietary changes, and resistance training will help you get this waist naturally. Here’s how you can achieve this size:

  1. Perform Cardiovascular Exercises

Doing cardio exercises will help you achieve a slimmer waist in no time. You can reach your goal by running specific miles every day. Using a treadmill may also help you if you don’t want to run around a physical track.

Swimming is another beneficial cardio exercise that builds muscle while reducing fat levels. So you can achieve a 24-inch waist without becoming underweight.

Cycling is also helpful for maintaining a calorie deficit, boosting metabolism, and staying healthy. It will also help you exercise various muscles and build strength.

  1. Make Relevant Dietary Changes

Improving your diet will also help you reach a slimmer waist without making much effort. You should include plenty of protein in your diet to build lean muscle. It will also help you feel fuller to reduce the need to eat frequently.

However, losing weight is not always the solution if your weight is already in the healthy range. You can gain more and combine it with strength training to build body mass. This will help reach a desirable waist to hip ratio for a 24-inch waist.

  1. Engage In Resistance Training

Strength training smartly is also essential for achieving a 24-inch waist. You should use ab exercises and avoid oblique work. This will allow you to reach the specific waistline without much effort. 

Avoiding oblique exercises is essential because it will thicken your waistline and increase your size. So remember your goal when including activities in your resistance training routine.

What Size Is A 24 Inch Waist In Women’s Pants?

A 24-inch waist refers to XXS size in the women’s pants section. This value is according to the US chart. Your hips can be anywhere between 33 to 34 inches.

Meanwhile, the waist refers to a 32 EU size in European stores. Typically, it will be difficult to find XXS pants in various shops.

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