How Much Is A George W. Bush Coin Worth?

Last Updated on June 14, 2022

All coins have a certain value, depending on their mental composition and other factors. The George W. Bush coin is not valuable or rare, which is why it will not be worth a lot. However, if you have this coin in uncirculated conditions, then you might be able to sell it for more. 

If you want to understand the worth of a George W. Bush coin, you are in the right place. Here is what you must know. 


How Much Is A George W. Bush Coin Worth?

Unfortunately, the George W. Bush coin will only be worth its face value, which is one dollar. In an uncirculated condition, these coins can sell for a higher value. For example, this coin will be worth around ten dollars with a grade of MS65 and in uncirculated condition. 

On the other hand, it will be worth more than sixty dollars if it is in a condition of PR65. It is important to understand the condition of your coin before you sell it. A professional will let you know the grade and condition of your coin before you sell it. 

However, no matter what condition this coin is in, you must not expect to get hundreds of dollars for this. That is because it is a copper coin and does not have much value. 

2020 P, D 2 Coin - George H.W. Bush Presidential Uncirculated

What Kind Of George W. Bush Coins Were Minted In the US?

The USA minted a few George W. Bush coins. These include the following:

  • 2020 D George W. Bush dollar coin
  • 2020 P George W. Bush dollar coin 
  • 2020 S proof George W. Bush dollar coin

You can find the mint mark of these coins on the edge. The D means that the coins were minted in Denver, P is for minting in Philadelphia, and S is for minting in San Francisco. The proof coins for this one were also minted, and they will generally have a higher value than the regular coin in these series.

What Is The Metal Composition Of The George W. Bush Coin?

The coin’s worth mostly comes from the melt value of the metals in the coin. That is why silver coins will always have a higher value than other metals. The George W. Bush has a metal composition of 88.5% copper, 6% zinc, 3.5% manganese, and 2% nickel. 

Besides that, the weight of these coins is more than eight grams. Because of the copper composition, the worth will not be more than the face value of this coin. You can still check various auction sites, online marketplaces, or other places to understand the worth of the coin you have. 

2020 P, D 2 Coin - George H.W. Bush Presidential Uncirculated

Are Presidential $1 Coins Legal Tender?

The George W. Bush is a presidential coin of one dollar. You must remember that one dollar and half-dollar coins are usually produced as collectibles. However, the Federal Reserve still orders them for circulation and to use as legal tender. 

That is why it depends on the coin you have, whether it is legal tender or not. The George W. Bush has been used for circulation and is used as legal tender. If it was a collectible, it would have a higher value. 

Can You Get Presidential Dollar Coins At The Bank? 

If you want to collect the George W. Bush coin, you might be wondering if you can get it from the bank. However, since 2012, the new releases of presidential dollars are not being distributed to financial institutions and banks. That is why you will not get this dollar at the bank. 

On the other hand, you can only obtain these coins through numismatic products offered by the USA Mint. Besides that, you can also opt to get these coins from various other market sources. These include coin collectors and dealers, auction websites, online forums and marketplaces, and many other such places. 

Do Banks Accept Dollar Coins?

If you want to turn in your coins for cash, you can do it at the bank. The banks will give you the full value of the coins, and they will not charge a fee if you want to deposit your coins. However, many banks require that your coins should be rolled in wrappers. 

We recommend that you contact the bank to find out such details. That is because it varies from one bank to another. Everyone has their own requirements that you must fulfill.

How Do I Turn Coins Into Cash?

If you want to exchange your coins for cash bills, you can take them to the local bank that offers coin-counting services. The coin-counting machines will also exchange the coins for gift cards or donate your spare change to charity. 

So, find the nearest bank in your area, and turn your coins into cash in no time. You will get their worth without a hassle. 

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