How Much Is 1880 Silver Dollar Worth? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on April 7, 2022

The 1880 silver dollars are also called the Morgan silver dollars. They were made in large quantities, and many collectors purchase specific varieties. If you’ve come across an 1880 silver dollar, you’re probably wondering how much it’s worth. These coins were minted over 100 years ago, and they can be quite valuable today.

It is estimated that around 27 million of these coins were produced, so they’re not too rare. However, the older a coin is, the more valuable it tends to be. So here is a glimpse of the 1880 silver dollar value if you want to sell or buy this coin.


How Much Is 1880 Silver Dollar Worth?

Typically, the silver dollars without mint mark but great condition are about $40 per piece. You can also get $42 for the same penny in a superb state. The price also rises to $50 if the coin is uncirculated and has an MS 60 grading.

The top feature of the 1880 silver dollar is that it has 90% of silver and 10% of copper. So you will receive the value according to the weight of the major material. The 1880 silver dollar value is $18.94 in the US. However, it may rise if the melting rate of silver increases.

As the coin has 90% silver, its value is going to be determined by the content of silver in addition to the condition, grading and rarity of the coin. If the coin is damaged then it will reduce its value based on factors like condition and grading however if you sell it as silver you may be able to get the market price of silver for that coin.

You can also get up to $525 for an uncirculated 1880 silver dollar with MS 65 grading. These prices are for the standard coins, but you may also encounter the 80/79 types. They are worth $60 in great condition and $100 in excellent state. Meanwhile, the uncirculated 80/79 silver dollar with MS 60 grading has a value of $550.

The 1880 silver dollar also comes in proof versions in PR 63 condition. These coins have a value of about $3,000. The price is high because such pennies are rare, as only 1,355 were produced.

1880 S Morgan Silver Dollar BU $1 Brilliant Uncirculated

What Is The 1880 CC Silver Dollar Worth?

The 1880 CC silver dollars have been minted in Carson City. This coin’s value is $275 to $300 for the 80/79 types in good and excellent conditions. You can also get $600 if you have the uncirculated CC silver dollar with MS 60 grading, while the MS 65 coin has a value of $2,000.

Besides that, the 1880 CC silver dollar with second reverse and 8/7 variation is worth $250 in good condition. The price in the excellent state is $285. The 1880 silver dollar value of this type in uncirculated condition and MS 60 grading is $550. This figure will rise to $2,000 if the coin has MS 65 grading.

How Much Is 1880 S Silver Dollar Value?

The 1880 S silver dollars were minted in San Francisco and has a value of $30 in good condition. For an excellent state, you will receive up to $33. Meanwhile, the uncirculated 1880 silver dollar value is $50 for MS 60 grading and $150 for MS 65 grading.

You can also sell the 80/79 types of this coin for $40 to $70 in good and excellent conditions. The value of the same penny is $100 in uncirculated state and MS 60 grading. However, the MS 65 coin has a high value of $500.

Lastly, this coin also has a 0/9 variation with a value of $45 to $85 for fine and excellent conditions. The same uncirculated coin with MS 60 grading will help you earn $150. You can also get $600 if you have the MS 65 silver dollar.

1880 S Morgan Silver Dollar BU $1 Brilliant Uncirculated

Where Was The 1880 Silver Dollar Minted?

The 1880 silver dollar is a beautiful coin which makes it is the perfect coin to add to your collection. The 1880 silver dollar was minted in four cities of the United States. Most coins were minted at Philadelphia mint followed by San Francisco, New Orleans, and Carson City respectively.

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