How Much Is 1882 Silver Dollar Worth? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on April 7, 2022

The 1882 silver dollar is a rare coin that can be worth a lot of money depending on its condition. It is a great collector’s item that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves coins.

The 1882 silver dollar was minted in the United States and its value can vary depending on its condition, so it is important to have it appraised by a professional if you are thinking about selling it. It is also a great investment if you are looking for something that will hold its value over time.

The Morgan silver dollar coin of 1882 can be highly valuable depending on the condition. If you want to learn more about this, you’re in the right place. Here is what you need to know about the 1882 silver dollar value.


How Much Is 1882 Silver Dollar Worth?

The 1882 silver dollar value is determined as per the coin’s silver weight. This means you can get more than the $1 face value. You can get $18.85 for the silver dollar as per the melting value. Meanwhile, the spot price of silver is $24.37 per ounce.

In exceptionally great condition, the 1882 silver dollar value without a mint mark is roughly $30. However, you can also get $33 if the coin is in excellent condition. You should note that these figures are for circulated pennies in the best state.

The uncirculated silver dollar coins with an MS 60 grading can be sold for roughly $55. You can also get $350 for the silver dollar in the same state but with an MS 65 grading. The primary difference is that the latter has fewer or no flaws, such as dents or blemishes.

In exceptionally great form, the 1882 CC silver dollar is worth $155. Meanwhile, the value is about $160 in excellent condition. You can also sell your MS 60 graded CC silver coin for $265 in an uncirculated state. The 1882 silver dollar value will rise to about $400 if the coin has an MS 65 grading and is in uncirculated condition.

The 1882 silver dollar also has an O type with a value of $37 in great condition and $39 in an excellent state. This coin is in an uncirculated condition, and MS 60 grading will let you earn $55. You can get $600 for the same penny if it has an MS 65 grading.

1882 P Morgan Silver Dollar BU $1 Brilliant Uncirculated

How Much Is 1882 S Silver Dollar Worth?

In very good condition, the 1882 S silver dollar value is $30. The worth is roughly $33 in excellent condition. You can earn $55 for selling this coin in an uncirculated condition with MS 60 grading. The 1882 silver dollar value will rise to $150 for the same penny with MS 65 grading.

1882 silver dollar proof coins in PR 63 condition are also present. These pennies are rare, and you can easily get at least $3,000 for one piece. However, remember that only 1,100 of these coins were minted.

Where Is The Mint Mark On An 1882 Silver Dollar?

The US Mint made 1882 silver dollar coins with and without the mint marks. You can find the symbol on the reverse side of the penny. It is present in a small size under the wreath and represents the production place of the silver dollar.

You will come across 1882 CC minted coin, 1882 O silver dollar, and 1882 S silver dollar. These pennies may have marks on them, increasing the coin’s selling value. A coin without any mint mark may also be valuable due to other features such as double die error.

1882 P Morgan Silver Dollar BU $1 Brilliant Uncirculated

Whose Picture Is On the 1882 Silver Dollar Worth?

The 1882 silver dollar worth is a very collectible coin that was minted in four cities i.e. Philadelphia, Carson City, New Orleans and San Francisco. Over 27 million of these dollars were minted in the four US Mints mentioned above. The obverse (front) of the coin features Lady Liberty, while the reverse (back) features an eagle clutching an olive branch and arrows. 

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