What Does 18KGP (Gold Plated) Mean?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

When shopping for fine jewelry, customers are likely to come across pieces of jewelry that are 18KGP.

But with such a large variety of jewelry labeled as 18KGP, customers might wonder: what exactly is 18KGP?


What Is 18K Gold Plated?

The term 18 Karat Gold Plated (18KGP) refers to jewelry that has a thin layer of gold bonded onto a less valuable metal.

Jewelry stamped as 18KGP contains only a thin layer of gold that is bonded onto a more affordable metal, such as stainless steel, nickel, copper, and brass.

By bonding a thin layer of gold over an affordable metal, retailers are able to offer customers a variety of fashionable jewelry options at affordable prices.

Is 18KGP Jewelry Valuable?

Because 18KGP pieces contain a much smaller percentage of gold than other gold items, the resale value is far less.

Items stamped as 18KGP may contain a thin layer of up to 75% pure gold, but are primarily composed of lower-cost metal options.

Outwardly an 18KGP piece will appear luxurious and high-quality, but because the item only has a thin layer of gold, the value will be less than items made of higher-quality materials.

Quality Of 18KGP Jewelry

The quality of 18KGP jewelry depends on a variety of factors, such as the quality of the gold plating.

Jewelry items that are 18KGP are at risk of damage due to common occurrences, such as showering. Flaking and chipping are common risks associated with 18KGP items, which can result in the partial or complete loss of the thin gold layer. Additionally, 18KGP items are susceptible to fading with heavy wear and may become dull and damaged in just a few years.

However, the sentimental value of an 18KGP item and the variety of jewelry options cannot be overlooked by customers shopping for an affordable piece of jewelry. Additionally, repairing an 18KGP item is much more cost-effective compared to higher-quality pieces and can make purchasing an 18KGP item a more suitable choice for customers looking for fashionable jewelry at a reasonable price.

Why Purchase 18KGP Jewelry?

Purchasing an 18KGP piece of jewelry is an excellent choice for customers looking for a variety of low-cost and affordable pieces to add to their jewelry collection.

Because 18KGP items are more affordable, customers can select from a large variety of pieces to add to their jewelry collection without breaking the bank.

Additionally, because the price point of 18KGP items is lower than higher-quality pieces, customers can feel confident wearing items in a variety of settings without the added worry of costly damages.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing an 18KGP item is an excellent option for customers looking for a variety of jewelry options at affordable prices.

Jewelry stamped as 18KGP is not only fashionable, but makes great staple pieces for collections without the substantial cost and potential for costly repairs. Overall, 18KGP pieces are the perfect affordable deal.

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