Pompeii3 Review – Should You Buy Their Jewelry? (2022)

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Pompeii3 is a successful engagement jewelry retailer founded in 1919 with over 100 years of experience within the diamond and engagement industry. With a large selection of high-quality discounted engagement jewelry, Pompeii3 is an excellent option for customers looking to purchase an engagement ring at an affordable price.


What Makes Pompeii3 Unique?

Pompeii3 offers customers the opportunity to shop for fine jewelry and engagement rings at a substantially discounted price. With a large online collection filled with a variety of ring and diamond options, Pompeii3 makes purchasing the perfect piece of engagement jewelry affordable on any budget.

Some of the unique features offered by Pompeii3 include:

1.The Price

Pompeii3 is known for offering high-quality fine jewelry and engagement rings at prices few competitors can match. Because Pompeii3 purchases diamonds in bulk and conducts sales exclusively online, the retailer is able to maintain a low overhead while passing the savings onto customers looking for high-quality engagement rings at affordable prices.

Engagement ring prices vary by style, diamond quality, and metal options, with the most affordable ring choices starting at just $187. For customers with a larger budget, engagement ring prices at Pompeii3 can cost up to $22,000.

Customers with a budget of only a few hundred dollars are guaranteed to find multiple engagement rings within their budget, as well as higher-cost options for customers looking to splurge on the perfect engagement ring.

2.The Warranty And Financing

Pompeii3 offers a return policy of 30 days with an additional $14.50 return and restocking fee, as well as a 30-day exchange policy on all fine jewelry and engagement items. Pompeii3 also offers a generous 180-day complimentary ring resizing on all rings purchased through the retailer.

Additionally, Pompeii3 offers customers a six-month warranty on all items which covers resizing, inspection, cleaning, repairs, and diamond loss under ⅕ of a carat. Customers can also select an extended five-year warranty plan for an additional $65 and may renew the warranty every five years.

Finally, Pompeii3 offers numerous financing options, including 3 months at 0% APR or 24 and 36-month payment options with flexible interest rates. Pompeii3 also boasts a fast and easy online financing application for customers interested in financing purchases made through Pompeii3.

3. Pompeii3’s Products

While the quality of diamonds offered through Pompeii3 may be lower than other engagement retailers, every diamond offered through Pompeii3 is made to order and handcrafted within the USA. Pompeii3 offers a large selection of affordable engagement jewelry options, including diamonds that are inspected and appraised by in-house certified gemologists.

Engagement jewelry offered through Pompeii3 features popular diamond cuts, including:

  • Princess
  • Emerald
  • Radiant
  • Cushion

Additionally, Pompeii3 offers a variety of metal options, such as:

Customers can also select from seven setting styles, including:

  • Vintage
  • Sidestone
  • Halo
  • Two stone

Lastly, Pompeii3 offers customers the opportunity to create a custom engagement ring with the help of a design expert through a free design consultation.

Should You Purchase A Ring From Pompeii3?

Pompeii3 is a well-established fine jewelry retailer with a large collection of affordable engagement pieces accessible to any budget. Customers shopping with Pompeii3 can expect popular ring styles, affordable diamonds, and a handful of metal options.

With an impressive collection of affordable engagement jewelry and a warranty policy that covers cleanings and repairs, Pompeii3 is a great option for customers interested in finding the perfect engagement ring while on a budget.

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