How to Save On Your Engagement Ring At James Allen (2022)

Last Updated on March 22, 2022

Popular online jewelry retailer James Allen is known for its large collection of brilliant diamonds and customizable ring options at an affordable price.

Meeting the budgets of most engagement shoppers, James Allen passes along additional savings with special promotions and annual sales.

What does James Allen sales include?

James Allen sales offers up to 25% off select ring settings, including popular styles such as halo, pave, and tension, as well as sales on lab grown diamonds.  A James Allen sale on lab grown diamonds may include up to 10% off select lab grown diamonds and can be paired with the $100 off first-time-buyer promotion.

Although James Allen offers a large year round collection of high-quality diamonds at a fraction of the price of traditional engagement retailers, their diamond collection will almost never go on sale.  Because of the tightly controlled diamond industry, high-quality diamonds never come at a discounted price and James Allen is no exception.

When does James Allen have sales?

While discounted high-quality diamonds may be off the table, a James Allen sale will include other discount options. The typical James Allen sale pattern occurs quarterly around major holidays, such as:

James Allen Valentine’s Day Sale

For a springtime sale, look for deals between mid-February and early-May.

James Allen typically offers discounts of up to 25% on ring settings between Valentines and Mother’s Day, which can often be combined with other promotions, such as discounts on lab grown diamonds.

James Allen Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

Take advantage of the two largest shopping days of the year by browsing the James Allen collection in late November. Because James Allen specializes in e-commerce, customers can expect an easy-to-snag discount of up to 25% off ring settings.

James Allen Christmas / New Years Sale

Celebrate a new chapter by keeping an eye out for sales toward the end of the year. James Allen typically runs sales of 10-25% off ring settings between December and early January, which can often be combined with their first time buyer promotion.

How often does James Allen have sales?

A James Allen sale happens on average once per quarter, and usually does not include loose diamonds or gemstones.

James Allen sales happen online and typically fall around a major holiday, such as Valentine’s Day or New Years Day.

Tips for Shopping a James Allen Sale

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be time consuming and expensive, but shopping during a James Allen sale is easy using the following tips:

Look for your ring in Advance

When a James Allen sale rolls around, there’s no time to waste. Be productive and shop around for an engagement ring months in advance. Designing the perfect ring ahead of time will make snagging your ring easier during a James Allen sale.

Shop during the Holidays

Retailers like James Allen offer discounts during the holiday season, typically during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Shop the James Allen collection of diamond engagement rings around major holidays, such as New Years and Mother’s Day, to find discounted pricing.

Join the James Allen Email List

Join the James Allen email list to be notified of future James Allen sales and receive $100 off of your first order of $1000 or more.  While this discount cannot be applied to all diamonds, it can be paired with the 10% off select lab-created diamond promotion.

James Allen Sales Recap

A James Allen sale can save you hundreds of extra dollars on the perfect engagement ring. Remember to periodically check the James Allen website, join the James Allen email list, and design your ring ahead of time to make the most out of a James Allen sale.