How Much Is 1942 Half Dollar Worth? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on April 7, 2022

The 1942 half dollar is also known as one of the Walking Liberty half dollars that have value as silver bullion and numismatic coin. Of course, the face value of this coin is only $0.50, but many people collect it for its silver value. If you are looking to know about the 1942 half dollar value, you are in the right place. 

Here is what you need to know about it. 


How Much Is 1942 Half Dollar Worth?

If the 1942 half dollar is in good condition, then the value will be $10. In incredibly fine condition, the 1942 half dollar value will be $15. Of course, in extremely fine condition, the value will be $18. 

The 1942 half dollar value depends on the condition. Besides that, its worth is measured in silver. For example, the silver melt value of this half dollar is $8.97 because the current silver spot price comes to almost $25. 

Finally, if the 1942 half dollar is in uncirculated condition, then its value will be the highest. For example, the 1942 half dollar value in MS 60 grade uncirculated condition will be $40. On the other hand, the value in MS 63 grade in uncirculated conditions will be $60. 

1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Fine

What Is The 1942 D Half Dollar Value? 

The 1942 half dollar also has a D series. In good condition, the value of this coin will be over $10. Of course, in very fine condition, the value will be $15, and in incredibly fine condition, the value of the coin will be at least $18. 

Of course, the 1942 half dollar value of the D series will be high in uncirculated conditions. An MS 60 grade uncirculated coin will be worth around $40. Besides that, an MS 63 grade uncirculated coin will be worth around $80. 

What Is the 1942 S Half Dollar Value?

The 1942 S half dollar value is the same as the D series. That is true for coins in circulated and uncirculated conditions with the same grading system. The value is measured in the weight and metal composition of the coin, which is why it is the same. 

The metal composition of these coins is 90% silver and 10% copper. Besides that, the total weight of these coins is 12.5 grams. That is why the 1942 half dollar value is the same for the D and S series. 

What Is On The Obverse Side Of The 1942 Half Dollar?

The obverse side of the 1942 half dollar has a portrayal of Lady Liberty. On the coin, she is gliding on the landscape and holding onto an olive branch with one hand. Besides that, she is extending her other hand towards the side. 

You will also notice that the sun is rising on her left side, and its rays are shining behind Lady Liberty. There is also an inscription on the top that says Liberty, and beneath this inscription, it is written: “In God We Trust.” The date of the coin is at Lady Liberty’s foot. 

1942 No Mint Mark Walking Liberty Half Half Dollar Seller Good

What Is On The Reverse Side Of The 1942 Half Dollar?

The reverse side of the 1942 half dollar has an eagle that has raised its wings while perching on a rock. The rock’s left side has a pine branch growing out. The reason for this is that it symbolizes strength and power. 

You will also find the inscription of the United States of America on the coin’s top and “E Pluribus Unum” on the pine branch’s left side. Once you notice these details, you will realize that this is a genuine 1942 half dollar you can collect. 

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1942 Half Dollar worth Grading 

Grading the coin is the first step in determining its value. In general, a 1942 half dollar that is in excellent condition will be worth more than one in poor condition. The most important factors to consider when grading a 1942 half dollar are the overall condition of the coin and the presence or absence of wear on the devices.

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