How Much Is a 1943 Canadian Penny Value worth? (+Value Chart)

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

A 1943 Canadian penny may not be well-known, but it does have some value.

The coin can be worth $0.35 to $23 per piece to help you earn money.

You can easily make more than a few hundred Canadian dollars if you have several rare pieces.

Are you looking for more information about the 1943 Canadian penny value?

If so, below we have detailed everything about it.


How Much Is 1943 Canadian Penny Value Worth?

The 1943 Canadian penny has a low starting value of $0.35. This worth is for a circulated coin.

Such pennies have dents or scuff marks because they have been used for financial transactions. Meanwhile, a fine 1943 Canadian penny has a value of $0.5 per piece.

The price is mainly for an error-free coin. If a mistake is present, the worth may rise to about $10 or more.

The exact value mainly depends on your coin’s type, condition, and category. Circulated or uncirculated versions mainly define the category of a 1943 Canadian penny.

This coin’s value may also rise to up to $23, depending on the type of cent it is.

Condition Average Value
Circulated $0.35
Fine $0.50
Extremely Fine $10 to $23

How Much Is 1943 King George Canadian Penny Worth?

The King George VI coin is a famous 1943 Canadian penny with a high value of $3.05. This price is mainly for a coin in good condition.

The worth rises to $3.25 if the state improves to extremely fine. This coin has a relatively higher worth because of its fine steel composition.

The luster and quality of the King George VI penny are also better than other 1943 Canadian coins.

You must also remember that this penny is actually a 5-cent coin. This figure represents the face value in circulated types.

How Much Is 1943 Canadian Five Cent Penny Worth?

There are various 1943 Canadian five-cent pennies on the market. The more common variety is the standard coin.

It has an average worth of $1.25 per piece and is in very good condition. The value will rise up to $3.25 if the five-cent coin is King George VI’s penny.

These two coins look more or less the same with the difference in the portrait. A standard five-cent Canadian penny also has a lower quality and luster than the King George VI type.

These values are mainly for uncirculated and ungraded coins. The standard 1943 Canadian five-cent penny is also worth $1.5 in extremely fine condition.

How Much Is 1943 Canadian Ten Cent Penny Worth?

The final variety of the 1943 Canadian penny is the ten-cent variety. This coin has a high value of $22.50 in VF20 condition.

The VF20 represents the grading of the penny as per the Canadian system. VF primarily stands for very fine, while the number represents the verbal grade.

This penny is also easily identifiable because of its unique key features. The 1943 Canadian ten-cent penny has the portrait of King George VI on one side.

Meanwhile, the other side has a picture of the famous Bluenose ship. This penny has a high value due to its excellent design and silver composition.

So the metal’s melting value also affects the coin’s average worth.

How Do I Know If My 1943 Canadian Penny Is Rare?

The 1943 Canadian pennies have relatively different errors than the US pennies, which makes them rare. An overall significant mistake is the production of a dot penny.

This mainly has a dot on one of the sides of the coin. However, the dotted variety is not common in the 1943 pennies. So it is most likely you will not encounter such a coin.

The most significant error of a 1943 Canadian penny is the shoulder fold or SF mistake. Other errors that may be present on your coin include mistakes with King George’s portrait.

A minting error with the penny’s date also increases its value. Rare Canadian pennies may be worth a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the variety.

The best you can know about the coin is by getting it appraised by a dealer.

What Is A 1943 Canadian Penny Made Of?

The typical composition of 1943 Canadian pennies varies depending on the cent value. A one-cent coin mainly has a copper alloy composition and reddish-brown color. 

Meanwhile, five-cent 1943 Canadian pennies have a steel composition and yellow golden color. The final variety is the ten-cent penny which is made of silver.

This coin has the same shade as the metal and the highest value out of all types. So, the composition also affects the value of your penny. The better the material, the higher the worth.

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