How Much Is a 1952 Nickel worth? (+Value Chart)

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

The 1952 nickel is a relatively common variety that may intrigue you.

This nickel’s worth can range from $0.05 to $9,400, depending on the type.

You may not be able to make a fortune with one piece, but several pieces can help you earn a few hundred bucks.

If you’re interested in knowing the 1952 nickel worth, you’re on the right platform.

Here is everything you must know.

1952 P Jefferson Nickel Average Circulated Five-Cent Piece


How Much Is 1952 Nickel Worth?

The 1952 nickel has a face value of $0.05 per piece in circulated condition. Such a coin is primarily used for daily financial transactions such as grocery shopping and cab fares. 

This value increases to $1 in fine but uncirculated condition. Meanwhile, an extremely fine 1952 nickel has a worth of $3 per piece.

The uncirculated state mainly means that the coin has not been used for daily transactions.

So an uncirculated nickel has better quality and no scuff marks. The price can go as high as $51 to $9,400 if the coin has a high grading.

Condition Average Value
Circulated $0.05
Fine $1
Extremely Fine $3
Graded $1 to $9,400

How Much Is 1952 D Nickel Worth?

1952 P Jefferson Nickel Average Circulated Five-Cent Piece

The 1952 D nickel has a value of $0.1 to $0.2 in circulated conditions because of the plain composition. This figure will rise to about $1 in an extremely fine but uncirculated state.

Meanwhile, you can get $3 or more for your graded 1952 nickel. Remember that the D mark is not a grading.

It is just a symbol that represents the production site of the nickel. The D indicates that the coin was made in Denver.

Such coins may have rare errors that can increase the value significantly to a few hundred dollars at auctions.

How Much Is 1952 S Nickel Worth?

The 1952 S nickel also has a value of $0.1 to $0.2 in circulated conditions due to the poorer quality. However, this variety is more popular than the D nickels.

So you can get about $1.25 for an extremely fine in the uncirculated category.

This figure will increase to $3 to $10 per piece, depending on the coin’s grading. If the MS grading is higher, you can earn more money.

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How Much 1952 MS Nickel Worth?

The 1952 nickel is worth $1 in MS 60 grading and uncirculated condition. This value will rise to $3 in MS 65 grading if the coin has a D mint mark.

Meanwhile, the figure will be $10 for the same grade but an S nickel. MS 60 and MS 65 grading are the readily available graded versions of this coin.

However, you may also encounter a rare 1952 nickel with MS 66 grading. One nickel with MS 66 grading has been sold at a high price of $9,400 at an auction.

A primary feature that adds to the value of a coin is an error. A die break error, obverse error, or cut on your nickel will make it rare.

Grading 1952 S Nickel 1952 D Nickel
MS 60 $1.25 $1.00
MS 65 $10.00 $3.00
MS 66 Up to $9,400 Up to $9,400

How Much Is 1952 Proof Nickel Worth?

The 1952 nickel is also available in a rare proof variety that is mainly for collectors. Such a coin has a value of $51 per piece.

This figure may rise to $100 if the nickel has a significant error. Proof coins mainly have a higher value because they are not designed for financial transactions.

Such coins are for collectors looking to improve their coin collection. The earlier price of $51 was mainly for PR 65 nickels.

However, a rare variety of PR 68 is also available at some auctions. The most expensive 1952 nickel that has been sold is the PR 68 Deep Cameo coin.

It was sold for a high price of $14,950 at an auction. So you can make a fortune with such a rare variety.

Is There Any Silver In 1952 Nickel?

1952 P Jefferson Nickel Average Circulated Five-Cent Piece

There is no silver in the 1952 nickel. This metal was mainly used in coins produced from 1942 to 1945. They had at least 30% of silver composition for better quality.

The 1952 nickel does not have silver which is why its face value is $0.05 in circulated condition. Coins with the metal have a higher worth because the melting rate of silver contributes to the value.

What Is A 1952 Nickel Made Of?

A typical 1952 nickel has a combination of copper and nickel. This is why the coin is lightweight and has a lower value. 

The primary thing that makes a nickel rare is its grading and availability on the market instead of composition.

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