How Much Is a 1946 Half Dollar Worth? (Value Chart)

Last Updated on September 14, 2022

The 1946 Half dollar procures a unique design that makes it stand out among other coins from America.

These coins are among the popular coins even when the US mint has stopped coining them for nearly a half-century.

This doesn’t give any reason for the coins to be dusted in the corner of the old scattered storage rooms.

1946-1951 Booker T Washington Half Dollar Very Good


How Much Is 1946 Half Dollar Worth?

The 1946 Half dollar with no mint mark can be worth at least $14 if they are in good condition. If the coins procure a very fine condition, the value can be as up as $16; if it’s in very fine condition, they can be found for almost $19.

If you acquire an uncirculated and an MS 60-grade coin, it can be sold for $37. While MS 63 grade coin, you are in good luck as it can be sold for more than $50.

The 1946 D Half Dollars are worth around $14 in good condition; however, in fine condition, they can be found for almost $16 in the market. On the other hand, in exceptionally fine condition, the 1946 D Half Dollar can be found for up to $22.

While the uncirculated coins are worth more because of their good condition, if you acquire an MS 60 grade 1946 Half Dollar, it can be auctioned for $47; nonetheless, if you have a Grade of MS 63, then you will be able to get $60 for the coin.

Coins Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated condition
1946 $14 $16 $19 MS 60


MS 63


1946 D $14 $16 $22 MS 60 $47 MS 63



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When was the 1946 Half Dollar minted?

There were three mints present during that time which produced the 1946 half dollar. Around 12,118,000 Half Dollars coins were manufactured in the year 1946 in Philadelphia, which had the highest mintage rate among the three other mints.

This coin had an error because many coins were made with DDR, which made this a standard error. The year of mintage i.e., 1946 and the mintmark for where the coin was minted can be seen on the reverse of the coin.

Design of the 1946 Half Dollar

1946 Liberty Walking Half Dollar VG Very Good 90% Silver 50c US Coin Collectible

The coin embellishes the Statue of Liberty, with a flag adorned around her. While she can be seen pacing forward to the dusking sun in the forward-facing of her feet.

The slogan “IN GOD WE TRUST” is in the middle of the coin, just in the upward region of the feet of the Liberty. While the word “LIBERTY” in capitalized letters can be seen embroidering the crown of the coin rim.

While on the backside of the coin illustrates a bald American Eagle as a central figure standing proudly with its head high and wings open. The eagle is perched on a tree branch with its right talon holding an olive branch.

The inscription “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is seen adjacent to the mighty bird and the words “HALF DOLLAR.” 

What is the 1946 Half Dollar made up of?

The composition of this coin is 90% silver and 10% copper, while the silver weight is almost 0.36169 oz. The total weight is 12.5 grams.

The coin may be light weight but it can be worth a lot. In addition to the condition of the coin, the silver percentage in the coin also affects its value. 

What Should Be Looked for Before Buying A 1946 Dime?

As the 1946 Half Dollar is over half-century old, finding one in an absolute pristine condition is like finding a needle in a haystack; therefore, it can be a little challenging.

When seeing this coin, you should look carefully at every fine detail. To get the better option, take your coin to be evaluated by a skillful and qualified person.

How Much Is The 1946 Half Dollar with Double Die Error Worth?

1946 Liberty Walking Half Dollar VG Very Good 90% Silver 50c US Coin Collectible

The 1946 Half dollar has a double die error on the reverse side of the coin. Doubling of the features can be seen on almost all engraving on the back of the coin. Such coins in MS63 grade can be worth over $600.

In pristine condition and higher grade, you may also be able to get around or over $1000.

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