How Much Is a 1945 Quarter Worth? (Value Chart)

Last Updated on September 14, 2022

The Washington Quarter series was minted in commemoration of the country’s founder George Washington.

The 1945 Quarter is part of that series. It is a collectible coin that can increase the overall value of your coin collection.

But how much is it worth? Here is our answer.

1945 No Mint Mark Washington (1932-Date) Quarter Seller Very Good +


How Much is the 1945 Quarter Worth?

The 1945 Quarter is worth $6.50 if found in excellent condition with no bumps and bruises. The 1945 Quarter’s value depends on its condition, where it is minted, and its features.

Apart from that, it is a rare find and a collector’s dream. Many collectors try their best to get their hands on this coin.

As an uncirculated coin, the price is high and goes as far as $40 with the only difference due to the coin being mint marked and graded.

These two factors influence the worth of a coin more than anything; thus, the outlook and aesthetics matter when purchasing or selling the coin. 

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Grading System of the 1945 Quarter

1945 No Mint Mark Washington (1932-Date) Quarter Seller Very Good +

Like all other currency units, the 1945 quarter is also graded based on its condition. For example, a 1945 Quarter in an excellent condition will be sold at a better price than a coin with many bumps and bruising. 

The currency coins can be graded by different companies who deal with this service. However, there are certain companies that are more credible than others.

These include the Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. If you have your 1945 quarter graded from any of these two organizations then other collectors and buyers will have no trouble in accepting the grade of the coin.

There are different levels of grading. The coin in good condition (G-4) has the least value while the 1945 quarter with a grade of 65 or higher can fetch a lot of money.

The highest score of coin grading is 70. The better the coin’s condition the closer its grade is to 70 and the closer it is to 70 the more valuable it is. 

Where is the 1945 Quarter Mintmarked from, and What Are its Values?

The obvious next question is where the 1945 Quarters mintmarked from and what their values are in accordance to the open market. The 1945 Quarter that is worth the most is mintmarked from Denver.

As there are different gradings, the coin is marked based on MS 60, MS 65, and the overall condition. Below is a table that best helps understand the price compared to the condition and production. 

Coin Extremely Fine Condition MS 60 Grade Condition MS 65 Grade Condition
1945 $6.50 $9 $33
1945 (D) $6.50 $12 $40
1945 (S) $6.50 $9 $33

These values help a collector understand the baseline value on which the bidding can start. Recently a 1945 (D) Quarter was sold at a whopping $340, showing that this coin has a value that can reach as high as almost $400.

The outlook of the coin is affected by its handling and regular use thus, the condition matters when it comes to buying and purchasing.

Features of the 1945 Quarter 

1945 S Washington (1932 to Date) (90% Silver) Quarter Choice Fine

When you decide to purchase a beautiful and rare 1945 Quarter, there are few features you should know. These features will guide you through buying the original and rare Quarter rather than a fake one.

Though the 1945 Quarter is not that rare, the one minted in San Francisco and Denver is harder to find and thus, more valuable. The rarer the coin, the more the value. 

When buying the 1945 Quarter, here are some features that you should note down. This will help make the buying and selling easier.

  • The Quarter is also called the Washington quarter.
  • The metal composition of the 1945 Quarter is a mixture of two metals. One is silver, 90% of the coin and copper, 10%. 
  • The mint mark is present on the bottom of the coin. If you are buying a minted one, you need to look for a small “D” or “S”.
  • The portrait of George Washington has finer lines and is not damaged or blurred.

With these features in mind, you can collect the rarest coins. In the NCG price guide, which helps give the range in which an old coin can be purchased, the 1945 Quarter reaches a price value between $3.95 and $6.50, but in the open market, where a price is just a number, the 1945 Quarter is worth almost $7,500 and more depending on the buyer.

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