How Much Is a 1948 Half Dollar worth? (+Value Chart)

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

The half dollar is a denomination that is not in circulation now.

In 2002, the mints stopped production, and the circulation was halted.

Due to this, it holds a special place as this denomination is not of any use now. 

Therefore, you may see a high numismatic value of some of the premium conditions of 1948 half dollars.

It is a perfect coin to have in your collection as day by day, and it is getting rare. 

1948 P Franklin Half Dollar $.50 Brilliant Uncirculated


How Much Is 1948 Half Dollar Worth?

The 1948 half dollar is in good condition and may have a value of around $10. But with improving conditions, the value will increase. In very fine half dollar is worth about $11 and $13 in extremely fine condition. 

On the other hand, the same 1948 half dollar with no mintmark is worth around $18 in uncirculated condition with MS60. So the MS65 grade half dollar value can go up to $86. 

The 1948 half dollar with D mintmark has a value of around $9.48 in good and $13 in extremely fine condition. In uncirculated condition with MS60 grade, the value is about $20.

But for the MS65 grade, the value goes around $133. These are the only two variants available in the 1948 half-dollar series. 

Coin Type Good Extremely Fine Uncirculated MS60 Uncirculated MS65
1948 Half Dollar $11 $13 $18 $86
1948 D Half Dollar $9.48 $13 $20 $133


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In Which Condition is 1948 Half Dollar Worth Collecting?

1948 P Franklin Half Dollar $.50 Brilliant Uncirculated

The best condition to have the 1948 half dollar in is the uncirculated MS65 grade. This is the perfect condition you will find the coin in. 

Every collector wants to have a premium condition coin in their collection, and this will make up for it. However, it is still a perfect option if you want to keep it an investment. 

However, it would be best if you had the patience for such an investment as it is a long-run one. It would take a good amount of time to hold the 1948 half dollar in your collection. 

As the coin gets rarer, the value will increase over time. And that is when you will get the perfect chance to earn a good profit from such an investment. 

How Much Is The Melt Value of 1948 Half Dollar?

The melt value you can get from the 1948 half dollar is around $7.02 per coin. When a coin is in bad condition, people melt it and extract precious metals from it.

Then convert it into silver bullion and sell it for the melt value. That is why it is important to know the melt value of each coin.

However, this is only done for coins that are in bad condition and cannot be sold for a high value. This way, someone can get a better melt value. 

Why Is 1948 Half Dollar Melt Value High?

The melt value of the 1948 half dollar may be high compared to other coins. The composition is as same as other coins, i.e., 90% silver and 10% copper.

However, other factors increase the melt value of the 1948 half dollar. The size of the 1948 half dollar is bigger than other coins.

It has a diameter of around 30.6 mm, affecting a lot. The bigger the size, the more material will be used. 

This increases not only the weight but also the silver weight of the coin. Therefore, the melt value sees a rise compared to other denomination coins. 

What Is The Silver Weight Of the 1948 Half Dollar?

The silver weight of the 1948 half dollar is 0.36169 oz. You can convert this with the current spot price of silver and will have the updated melt value. 

The silver weight is different than the mass weight of the 1948 half dollar. The silver weight refers to the amount of silver that can be extracted. 

Make sure to efficiently melt the coin to get the silver in the best form without any other elements. 

Is It Important To Check the 1948 Half Dollar Before Buying?

1948 D Franklin Half Dollar $.50 Brilliant Uncirculated

Checking and verifying the 1948 half dollar before purchasing it is the right of every buyer. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeits available you never know when you will try to buy one.

In addition, making sure of the condition and other damages is very important. You should know that the coin is worth the amount that is being demanded it. 

Overpaying may lead you to face a loss, and it is not worth having a bad-condition coin in your collection. When you know the 1948 half dollar is original, in perfect condition, it would be worth paying such an amount for. 

Keep in mind to always buy from a trusted place or have an expert with you that can help you out. 

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