How Much Is a 1948 Half Crown Value worth? (+Value Chart)

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

The 1948 half crown is a common coin that may or may not be valuable.

Its average worth is $2.25, but it can rise if the crown is rare. So the value mainly depends on the features of your coin.

If you want to learn more about the 1948 half crown value, you’re in the right place.

Here is all the information you need.

1948 U.K. Great Britain England Half Crown Coin KM#866


How Much Is 1948 Half Crown Value Worth?

A 1948 half crown has an average worth of $2.25 in extremely fine condition. The coin has a value of about $1.9 to $2 in a good state. These values are mainly for the uncirculated version of the coin.

The face value of the crown is its value in the circulated condition. So you will not be able to earn a high figure.

The worth of this coin is relatively low because of its simple composition. However, you may encounter varieties that may be worth $10 to $50 due to errors or significant grading.

These half crowns are relatively rare, but sometimes they may be available at an auction.

What Is A 1948 Half Crown Made Of?

1948 U.K. Great Britain England Half Crown Coin KM#866

A half crown has a plain composition of a cupronickel alloy. This means the coin has a mixed combination of copper and nickel.

However, remember that this alloy only makes up 50% of the coin. The rest, 50% of a half crown, is mainly silver.

This is why the coin has a relatively higher value of $2.25. The price mainly depends on the melting rate of the silver.

This melting rate also changes weekly or monthly due to different factors. So if you sell your half crown during a period in which the silver value is high, you can earn more.

What Is A 1948 New Zealand Half Crown Worth?

A New Zealand half crown from 1948 is also valuable because it is available in different states. The uncirculated version has a worth of $679 in royal mint condition.

Meanwhile, the same coin, almost uncirculated category, is worth $273. The figure decreases to $85 if the condition is extremely fine.

Finally, the circulated version of the crown is worth $2.8 to $6. The price for the circulated category varies because the coin may be in good to fine condition.

Such crowns may have lowly visible dent marks lowering the value.

How Is A 1948 Half Crown Graded?

The 1948 half crown may be available in graded versions under the uncirculated category. This grading starts from good to VF20 to MS 65 conditions.

The VF represents the very fine condition of the coin. A very fine coin may have minor dent marks that are lowly visible.

Meanwhile, MS represents mint state conditions. Such a 1948 half crown will not have scuff marks, dents, or chips on the sides.

Typically, you will get the most money for your MS 65 1948 half crown penny than your good or very fine coin because of the better quality.

Other rare grades of the 1948 crown are MS 66 and MS 70 options. These represent the coins in the best conditions. So the quality, durability, and appealing potential are extremely high.

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Is A 1948 Half Crown Rare?

The 1948 half crown is not a relatively rare coin because the production quantity was relatively high. However, the crown may have a relatively high value if it has an error.

The primary feature that makes the crown rare is its grading. Very fine and extremely fine coins are more common.

This is why they don’t have a high value. However, mint state coins are the best and represent high worth.

So you can easily make more money if you have several pieces of MS-graded 1948 half crowns. Another feature that may make 1948 rare is the error on the coin.

This may be a shoulder fold error or the chipped die error. A mistake may also be present in King George VI’s portrait.

Where Can You Sell A 1948 Half Crown?

1948 U.K. Great Britain England Half Crown Coin KM#866

You can sell your 1948 half crown online on eBay, Amazon, or other websites. However, the best option is to sell the coin at an auction.

This will allow you to get the most money for your crown. You may also want to know if your half crown is valuable by getting it appraised by a dealer.

Looking for errors may also help you with the easy identification of a rare coin. The silver value of the coin will also help you get the most money by selling when the rates are high.

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