How Much Is a 1949 Half Dollar worth? (+Value Chart)

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

A lot of coins in the history of the United States have President George Washington’s face on them, making it a far common sight.

However, the 1949 Half Dollar has America’s Founding Father Benjamin Franklin’s face on it, thus becoming a rare collectors’ choice because of its rarity.

The reason for its rarity is that the Franklin Silver coin was made between 1948 to 1963, hence making it a limited edition and a collector’s choice.

1949 P Franklin Half Dollar $.50 Brilliant Uncirculated


How Much is 1949 Half Dollar Worth?

The 1949 Half Dollar is worth $14 if found in very fine condition with little wear and tear or bumps and bruises. In excellent condition, it can go up to $19, with the uncirculated coin going up to $40.

That is an amazing price range that allows collectors and buyers to get this rare coin at an amazing rate. The worth of the 1949 Half Dollar depends on the coin’s outlook, based on how it is graded and the mintmark.

Therefore, the price decided is based on its condition, state, and outlook. 

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What are the Grading Criteria of the 1949 Half Dollar?

1949 Franklin Half Dollar AG About Good 90% Silver 50c US Coin Collectible

If you are fond of collecting rare US coins, then there are certain grading criteria that you need to follow. For most coins, the grading criteria are almost the same but let’s focus more on the 1949 Half Dollar and what makes it valuable enough to be bought or collected.

Four grading criteria of the 1949 Half Dollar coin need to be focused on when someone is trying to sell their rare coin or buy one to add to their collection.   

  • Very Fine Condition: The very fine condition is a coin with little to no bumps or stains and thus can be sold at a base level price.
  • Excellent Condition: The excellent condition coin is a coin that is considered better than the fine condition coin due to the state of the coin being impeccable, with fine lines and straight clear lines. 

The uncirculated coins have no mintmark and are thus unavailable to the main public. However, the uncirculated coins have a lot more value as they are rarer to find. 

  • Uncirculated MS 60: The MS 60 is a coin with fine lines with little damage as the public has not used it, thus looking far more appealing.
  • Uncirculated MS 65 Gem: This coin is the most expensive as it is considered a gem in the collector’s circle. It has the highest price range, and the coin looks impeccable with a rich luster and strong appeal. 

Where is the Mintmark on the 1949 Half Dollar?

Let’s talk about a coin being mintmarked. A mintmark is a small alphabet logo found on the coin’s obverse side. Almost all coins have either a “D” for Denver or an “S” for San Francisco, showing that they were made in those cities.

The ones made in Philadelphia have no mintmark. 1949 (D) Half Dollar has the highest price range and is considered the most valuable. 

Coin Type Very Fine Condition Excellent Condition MS 60 (Uncirculated) MS 65 Gem (Uncirculated
1949 $14 $19 $40 $130
1949 D $14 $19 $45 $300
1949 S $14 $22 $75 $175

In the table mentioned above, you can see that the 1949 D Half Dollar has the most worth in the MS 65 Gem (Uncirculated) because it is rare and very difficult to find. On the other hand, in the MS 60 (Uncirculated) grade and the one found in excellent condition, the price is highest for the 1949 S Half Dollar coin because it is the rarest and a collector’s choice. 

What Are the Specific Features of a 1949 Half Dollar?

1949 Franklin Half Dollar AG About Good 90% Silver 50c US Coin Collectible

The features of the 1949 half dollar are the things that make this coin so special. One of the special things about this coin is that it is a Benjamin Franklin half dollar.

Half Dollars with Benjamin Franklin’s bust have always been in high demand. The 1949 Half Dollar coin has the Founding Father Benjamin Franklin’s bust depiction on the obverse side with the following words written on the obverse as well: “In God We Trust.” The reverse side has the liberty bell, with “Half Dollar” written below.

One reason it is sought after by collectors is that it is amongst the last US coins, with the silver percentage of the coin being 90%. You can find the mint mark on the 1949 Half Dollar coin on top of the liberty bell.

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