How Much Is a 1951 Half Dollar worth? (+Value Chart)

Last Updated on August 29, 2022

One of the finest collectible coins that can be in your possession is undoubtedly the 1951 half dollar.

It has a lot of significance for coin collectors and historians.

Many people collect such coins for passion or as an investment.

However, for whatever reason you buy these coins, they are bound to profitable for you.  

It is an amazing coin to have.

But before buying it, it is also important to understand everything about this half dollar. 

1951 P Franklin Half Dollar $.50 Brilliant Uncirculated


How Much Is 1951 Half Dollar Worth?

All variants of 1951 half dollars hold a value of around $9.38 in good and very fine condition. In addition, an extremely fine condition 1951 half dollars is worth around $10.63.

The value for uncirculated coins may change according to the grade. With MS60, the 1951 half dollar with no and S mintmark is valued at around $22 and $74 in MS65 condition. 

The 1951 Half Dollar with a D mintmark is worth around $29 in MS60 and $171 in MS65 grade. 

Coin Type  Good Very Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated MS60 Uncirculated MS65
1951 Half Dollar $9.38  $9.38  $10.63 $22 $74
1951 D Half Dollar $9.38  $9.38  $10.63 $29 $171
1951 S Half Dollar $9.38  $9.38  $10.63 $22 $74

Were Proof Coins Produced for the 1951 Half Dollar?

1951 P Franklin Half Dollar $.50 Brilliant Uncirculated

Yes, around 57,500 proof coins were produced for 1951 half dollars in the Philadelphia mint. Producing proof coins before production is very important to ensure that the dye is in the perfect place and there is no chance of error.

However, the proof coins are never circulated with the actual coins as they are only produced for pre-production tests.

After they are produced, some of the proof coins are shifted to the vault and kept there for years while a small number is sent to different people including the designer, the white house and other high level treasury staff. 

What is the Worth of 1951 Half Dollar?

The proof coin of 1951 half dollar is worth somewhere around $428 per coin. Therefore, it is the highest valued variant of the 1951 half dollar. Yes, some coins may have sold for even higher at auctions, but that is not a market value to determine the actual price. 

The proof coin is minted in fewer quantities and kept in extreme care. Therefore, there isn’t usually any wear and tear on such coins. 

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Is The 1951 Half Dollar Worth Collecting?

Yes, as seen by the values mentioned in the table above one can easily tell that the 1951 half dollar is one of the most collectible coins out there. Gradually, with time as the 1951 half dollar gets rarer, the value will also increase. 

Therefore, it is always worth collecting significant coins and adding them to your collection. However, ensure that the 1951 half dollar is in perfect, mint condition with a high grade. 

What Are the Different Grades, and How It Helps?

Here are the main grades that your coin can be given by authenticators.

  • Good
  • Very Good
  • Extremely fine
  • Uncirculated MS60
  • Uncirculated MS65 

The grades represent the condition of the coin. Therefore, by knowing the grade, you can get an idea of the condition of your coin.

Whether you want to sell your coin or just add it to your collection it is always important to get it graded. Without a proper grading by a well respected grading company, you will never be able to sell your 1951 half dollar as its highest possible value.

The highest grading level for any coin is 70. The closer your coin’s grade gets to 70 the more valuable your coin gets. 

Where To Buy The 1951 Half Dollar From?

1951-1954 George Washington Carver Half Dollar Very Good

The old collectible coin market is such a huge market that it is now getting easier to find them. With so many getting involved in collecting old and rare coins, you can easily find them online or in pawnshops.

Not only can you find a 1951 half dollar in good condition but with so many sellers out there, you might even be able to negotiate on the price a bit.

You should only buy the 1952 half dollar from trusted sellers. Even if it is a physical shop, it is your right to check the coin and verify it before buying. 

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