6 Best EltaMD Sunscreens For You

Last Updated on July 3, 2022

I’ve never seen a sunscreen that everyone adores and loves. And I don’t mean anyone in particular.

EltaMD Sunscreen enters the stage. It’s loved by dermatologists as well as a slew of celebrities, which is just fantastic.

If EltaMD is supported by dermatologists and pampered by celebrities, what’s not to love? Nothing, as far as I’m concerned.

Although the company is known for its sun care items, it offers a variety of other outstanding goods that receive consistently positive reviews from customers.

The firm’s well-loved sunscreen products and formats, including newer formulations such as UV Restore, UV Sheer, UV Glow, and UV Stick, allow them to provide comprehensive solutions for everyone.

There is a sunscreen for everyone, because no matter what skin type, condition, skin tone, age or lifestyle choice an individual has, there is a sunscreen that fits everyone.


Best EltaMD Sunscreens

The Best EltaMD Sunscreens – Aside from the effectiveness and study behind their products, EltaMD’s formulations are great cosmetic.

They go well with other skin care products and cosmetics, they’re simple to use, and they feel fantastic on.

1. UV Sheer Broad-Spectrum SPF 50- Best Overall Sunscreen

EltaMD UV Sheer SPF 50+ Face and Body Sunscreen Lotion, Water Resistant Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide, Broad Spectrum Mineral-Based Sun Protection, Non-Greasy, Lightweight, Oil Free Sunscreen, 1.7 oz Tube

This isn’t your average sunscreen. It’s a lightweight, hydrating formula that feels silky to the touch and light and airy on the skin. It glides on smoothly, is quickly absorbed into the skin, and helps even out your complexion.

It’s a great choice for an active lifestyle since it has UV protection against the sun’s rays as well as up to 80 minutes of moisture and sweat resistance. UV Sheer works in all skin tones without leaving a white cast.

2. UV Restore Broad-Spectrum SPF 40- Best Sunscreen for the Face

EltaMD UV Restore SPF 40 Anti Aging Face Moisturizer For Women, Broad Spectrum Physical Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide, Tinted Face Sunscreen, Anti Aging Moisturizer, Improves Skin Smoothness, 2 OZ Tube

EltaMD UV Repair is excellent for people with hyperpigmentation since it contains gingerroot extract and saccharide isomerate, which help to improve skin smoothness, minimize dark spots, and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46- Best for Rosacea

EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 Face Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin and Acne-Prone Skin, Oil-Free Mineral-Based Sunscreen Lotion with Zinc Oxide, Dermatologist Recommended, 1.7 oz Pump

We arrive at the product that has attracted a celebrity cult following. This is the most popular sunscreen on the market, owing to its high SPF and anti-aging properties.

It includes niacinamide in a 5% concentration, which helps to regulate oil production, minimize redness, reduce hyperpigmentation, and fight some of the causes of acne or rosacea.

4. UV Facial Broad-Spectrum SPF 30- Best for Dry Skin

EltaMD UV Facial SPF 30+ Sunscreen Moisturizer Face Lotion, Broad Spectrum Moisturizing Sunscreen with Hyaluronic Acid, Non-Greasy, Mineral-Based Face Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide, 3.0 oz Tube

This is a beautiful and soft sunscreen that may be used every day and is great for use after facial treatments. It’s especially helpful for individuals with drier skin who want to increase moisture levels.

UVA/UVB protection, multipurpose UV Facial Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 is great for busy individuals on the go! It’s a multitasker that combines as a moisturizer and a sunscreen.

5. EltaMD UV Lotion Broad-Spectrum SPF 30+- Best for the Body

EltaMD UV Lotion SPF 30+ Full Body Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide, SPF Moisturizer Lotion and Broad-Spectrum Moisturizing Sunscreen, Non-Greasy, Fragrance-Free, SPF Body Lotion, 7.0 oz Pump

Every elbow, knee, and knuckle deserves some attention. EltaMD sunscreens aid in the prevention of sunburn and the reduction of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun when used with other sun protection measures.

They’re still made from zinc oxide, noncomedogenic, fragrance-free and paraben-free.

6. UV Glow Broad-Spectrum SPF 36- Best Sunscreen for Natural Glow Skin

EltaMD UV Glow Tinted Moisturizer with SPF Face Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 36, Non-Greasy, Mineral Face Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide, 1.7 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Sunscreens in general are anti-agers, since they shield you from the harm caused by UV radiation. However, if you want to go further, search for sunscreens with antioxidants—such as EltaMD’s UV Glow—to help your skin heal itself better.

Replace your tinted foundation with this natural one to stay safe from the sun, reduce hyperpigmentation, enhance radiance, and give your face a beautiful, natural glow.

Pros and Cons of Eltamd Sunscreen


  • easy to apply
  • no overwhelming scent
  • lightweight
  • not greasy
  • absorbs quickly
  • no residue left behind
  • can be worn under makeup
  • noncomedogenic, paraben-free and oil-free


  • not budget-friendly
  • may cause irritation if used alongside retinol

Who This SPF Is Best For?

I’d recommend this SPF for people who want a quick, easy face sunscreen that won’t make them feel greasy or stinky. This did not cause breakouts in my skin, therefore I believe it is an excellent option for many acne-prone users.

Using sunscreen every day can help to minimize or prevent post inflammatory pigmentation.

Not only will applying sunscreen prevent you from looking like a ghost, it also protects your skin from further damage caused by UV rays. Additionally, many acne treatments exfoliate, exposing the lower layers of skin to the damaging effects of UV radiation. Applying sunscreen can help minimize DNA damage in these cells.

Where to Buy EltaMD Sunscreen?

EltaMD are only available via authorized physicians and select online retailers.

Purchase EltaMD products only from EltaMD-authorized physicians, skin care experts, or retailers to ensure you receive genuine EltaMD goods.

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