Blue Nile Astor Ideal vs. James Allen True Hearts Diamonds

Last Updated on July 3, 2022

When it comes to diamonds, few can compete with a Blue Nile Astor Ideal Cut or James Allen True Hearts diamond.

At first glance the two may appear similar, but how do Astor Ideal and True Hearts diamond stack up against each other?


What Are Astor Ideal Diamonds?

Astor Ideal diamonds are super-ideal cut diamonds exclusive to Blue Nile. Astor Ideal diamonds are cut with a high level of precision and symmetry to achieve maximum sparkle.

Astor Ideal Sparkle

Astor Ideal diamonds are known for their expert craftsmanship. Each Astor Ideal diamond has exceptional light performance that results in an exceptional sparkle.

Astor Ideal diamonds reflect the most light possible and showcase incredible brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

Astor Ideal Features

Astor Ideal diamonds have precise proportions and incredibly aligned and symmetrical facets. The diamonds are considered an ideal or excellent cut.

Astor Ideal Cuts

Astor Ideal diamonds are available in three cuts: cushion, princess, and round.

Astor Ideal Rarity

Astor Ideal diamonds make up a small fraction of the Blue Nile diamond collections—making them highly desirable.

What Are True Hearts Diamonds?

The True Hearts diamond is part of the premier James Allen collection of super-ideal or beyond ideal diamonds and features a stunning starburst pattern of hearts and arrows.

The True Hearts Patten

True Hearts diamonds feature a unique diamond and arrow pattern that results in an exceptionally brilliant sparkle.

When viewed top-down, a True Hearts diamond showcases 8 brilliant arrows. When viewed bottom-up, a True Hearts diamond reveals 8 stunning and symmetrical heart shapes.

The unique pattern of a True Hearts diamond is a result of fantastic internal symmetry, facet placements, and dimensions.

True Hearts Features

True Hearts diamonds are known for their brilliance and are considered flawless. True Hearts diamonds possess perfect internal symmetry and proportions which results in minimal light leakages and an impressive sparkle.

True Hearts Cuts

True Hearts diamonds come in three cuts: round, princess, and cushion.

True Hearts Rarity

True Hearts diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds in the world with 1% of diamonds in circulation considered True Hearts diamonds.

Astor Ideal and True Hearts Grading Report

Astor Ideal and True Hearts diamonds are two of the most brilliant diamonds available and share equally impressive grading reports.

Astor Ideal Grading

Astor Ideal diamonds are graded and certified by GIA and are considered excellent or ideal cut diamonds.

Each Astor Ideal diamond includes a readily available GIA report. In addition to the standard report, Astor Ideal diamonds include a second grading report from GemEx.

True Hearts Grading

True Hearts diamonds are graded and certified by GIA and AGS and are considered an ideal or excellent cut.

True Hearts diamonds do not include a GIA report. However, customers interested in purchasing a True Hearts diamond can contact the James Allen customer service team to obtain a GIA grading report.

What’s the Difference Between an Astor Ideal and True Hearts Diamond?

Although Astor Ideal and True Hearts diamonds are brilliant, there are a few fundamental differences between the two.

Diamond Pattern

The biggest distinction between an Astor Ideal and True Hearts diamond is the distinctive hearts and arrow pattern.

While both diamonds are considered excellent or ideal, a True Hearts diamond features an impressive pattern of hearts and arrows that delivers the brilliant True Hearts diamond sparkle.

While Astor Ideal diamonds are brilliant, they don’t showcase a fantastic pattern anywhere near that of a True Hearts diamond.

Ideal Scope Images

Another big difference between Astor Ideal and True Hearts diamonds is the ability for shoppers to get up close and personal with the diamond itself.

True Hearts diamonds include ideal scope images, which allow customers to view the proportions and symmetry of the diamond.

Unfortunately, Astor Ideal diamonds do not include ideal scope images.


Pricing may be the biggest difference between an Astor Ideal and True Hearts diamond.

While both diamonds are considered to be excellent or ideal cut diamonds, the price tags attached to the diamonds can vary significantly between Blue Nile and James Allen.

Because Astor Ideal diamonds are a small part of the Blue Nile collection, they are often more expensive than other diamonds, including a True Hearts diamond. Prices for an Astor Ideal diamond are typically 30% more expensive than other ideal cut diamonds.

Conversely, a True Hearts diamond from James Allen has a more reasonable, although expensive, price tag. The average price of a True Hearts diamond hovers around $5,100.

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