6 Best Nose Rings for Healing (2022 Guide)

Last Updated on May 6, 2022

Potential complications may occur when getting a nose piercing. This is common for any jewelry that you may use so it is important to take precautions in order to minimize health risks and faster healing.

Most common issues that people face after a nose piercing are infections and allergies. There are lots of factors that can contribute to these issues including the type of metal you choose for your nose ring.


What Is The Best Nose Ring for Healing?

While there are lots of nose piercing metals out there to choose from, not all nose ring metals are created equal.

Here are some nose rings that are known generally for reducing infections and irritation:

COCHARM Titanium Nose Ring

COCHARM Titanium Nose Ring G23 Solid Titanium Nose Stud 20G Screw Nose Stud 2mm Clear CZ

Titanium is safe to use since it is extremely durable and is also bio-compatible. Titanium contains a very small amount of nickel, moreover, durable and lightweight than stainless steel.

Aside from comfortable to wear, titanium is very scratch resistant. Although quite pricey, titanium is worthwhile investment.

MODRSA Surgical Stainless Steel (SSS)

MODRSA 20g Nose Rings Studs L Shape Nose Screw Surgical Stainless Steel Nose Rings Hoop Diamond Heart Hypoallergenic Nostril Nose Piercing Jewelry for Women Men Silver Rose Gold Black Rainbow

Surgical Stainless Steel is perfect for healing piercing. Surgical steel does not irritate the skin since it is hypoallergenic.

You can now enjoy both hypoallergenic and affordable nose ring at the same time.

Gold Filled Nose Piercings

Tiny Nose Ring Hoop 20 G Nose Piercings Hoop - 14K Gold Filled Nose Piercings hoop

The best metal option of all time is gold. It is hypoallergenic and great investment.

Choosing the real gold such as 14k or 18k is imperative since gold in its purest form is too soft for jewelry.

Anicina Nose Rings

Anicina Nose Rings 20G Nose Studs Nose Rings Hoop Bone Pin Nose Rings Screw Nostril Piercing for Womens Mens CZ Nose Ring Stud

This is one of the best options if your nose is still healing, made of quality stainless steel and are very simple to put on.

The surface of these nose rings are smooth, well-polished and they are hypoallergenic. Also, if you are allergy to nickel, this is the best one for you since these rings are made with no nickel content.

Fansing Nose Rings Hoops

8mm Septum Ring Silver Nose Rings Hoop Nose Ring 20 Gauge Nose Hoop Helix Earrings Daith Earrings Tragus Earrings Septum Clicker Lip Rings 20g Cartilage Earring Nose Piercing Jewelry Surgical Steel

These nose rings fit for all skin types since they are hypoallergenic. These nose rings are both elegant and comfortable to wear.

These rings are elegantly polished with no sharp edges, making them perfect choice for your healing nose.

Lavari Nose Ring

22 Gauge Cubic Zirconia Curve Stud Nose Ring in 14k Yellow Gold 2mm by Lavari Jewelers

This diamond nose ring looks gorgeous and very sophisticated. This is perfect for people who wants shiny and elegant piece.

What materials are not recommended for new piercings?

The following metals are not recommended for people with fresh or healing piercings. If you are planning to use any of these materials, better wait until your skin has fully healed.

Plastic and Nylon

While plastic and nylon are hypoallergenic, they tend to absorb bodily fluids. This may result to infections due to bacteria growth. If your skin is still healing, it’s better to avoid material tend to be somewhat porous.

Sterling Silver

It is best to avoid sterling silver until your piercing has completely healed. This type of silver contains chemicals that can turn the metal black when in contact with bodily fluids.

This black stain is hard to get rid of. So better stay away from sterling silver while your skin is still in the healing process.


The problem with plated metals is if the plating inevitably wears off, the base metal will come into contact with the skin. This can result to skin irritation.

It is best to avoid plated metals since they generally tend to wear off faster when in contact with human body fluids.

How to clean nose rings?

Dip briefly the piercing/stud  in a bowl of alcohol, preferably pure ethanol and gently dab it with a clean cotton. Then let it dry for a few seconds.

What if I still develop a skin reaction from a nose ring?

First identify if it is an allergy or a skin reaction. If you think it’s an allergy then your skin is reacting to the metal’s content like copper. If that’s the case then change your ring to hypoallergenic metal.

If you think it’s skin reaction and you experience some sort of bleeding, deep crust or swelling, immediately rinse your nose with the stud on with hydrogen peroxide solution. Wait for the foam to be dissolved by the skin, when the foam is gone remove the piercing gently.

On the nose piercing hole, dab a bit of iodine. If you still feel uncomfortable or you notice there is still skin reaction, you may want to consider consulting a medical expert.

How often can I change a nose ring?

If your nose pierce is still new, you need to wait for a few months before changing to a new stud. The healing time varies from person to person but it normally takes 2 to 4 months for the fresh nose pierce to fully heal.

After a few months, if  you notice there is no sign of irritation or skin reaction then you can change to a new one. Just remember to opt for safe materials.

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