5 Best Nose Rings For Sensitive Skin (2022 Guide)

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Purchasing jewelry can be arduous when you have sensitive skin, especially if it’s for a piercing. When it comes to nose rings, being that they go into such a sensitive area, you want to be especially careful when selecting metals that will penetrate the skin. 

Before you go ring shopping, ensure you know what is available on the market for the best nose rings for sensitive skin. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a stud or hoop, only to have an uncomfortable reaction when wearing it. 


Best Nose Rings For Sensitive Skin

Below is an exclusive list of some of the best rated nose ring options for sensitive skin.

This list is a great place to start so you know what is available and what types of options you have for your particular nose piercing:

Forbidden Body Jewelry

Forbidden Body Jewelry Nose Rings Surgical Steel Clear Cubic Zirconia Crystal Nose Stud 20G (3mm)

Forbidden Body Jewelry has nose rings in multiple safe materials, in simple or funky designs, and all at affordable price points.

They sell through Amazon, so you can also read reviews from other people before purchasing. There’s something for pretty much any aesthetic from Forbidden Body. 


THUNARAZ 20G Stainless Steel Nose Rings L-Shaped Cute Flower Moon Star Screw Nose Studs for Women Sparkled Opal CZ Inlaid Nostril Piercing Jewelry 10Pcs

Thunaraz has options for sets of nose rings, many of them made with stainless steel. They are dainty and delicate and can be suitable regardless of your personal style. Their prices are a bargain, considering how many rings and studs you get in a set. 

365 Sleepers

365 Sleeper 1 pcs 22ct Gold Plated Solid Sterling Silver 3/8" (10mm) 18G Hinged Hoop Sleeper Earring Nose Ring Handmade in Australia

365 Sleepers has options for both stainless steel and titanium body jewelry, including nose rings, that are understated yet gorgeous.

They also come at a very nice price point. Another benefit this brand offers is that their jewelry can be worn all day and night, so you don’t have to change it constantly before or after bed. 

Pierced Owl

Pierced Owl 16GA Triangle Prong Set 316L Surgical Stainless Steel Labret Monroe Lip Cartilage Helix Tragus Conch Ear Lobe Barbell Stud (Clear)

Pierced Owl is a great shop for nose rings for sensitive skin, as well as many other types of body jewelry. On their site, you can find stainless steel, surgical stainless steel, and titanium rings. Their prices are also fairly affordable and their designs range from simplistic to very unique. 

Body Candy

Body Candy Solid 14k Rose Gold 2mm Cubic Zirconia L Shaped Nose Stud Ring 18 Gauge 1/4"

Chances are, when you go to get your nose pierced, you’ll see Body Candy jewelry on display.

This is a well-known brand for delivering quality piercing jewelry. For nose rings, you can find anything ranging from platinum to solid gold. Their prices are a little bit higher, but you are getting your money’s worth from their range of body jewelry.

What Are Some Basics I Need To Know About Nose Rings?

There is such a thing as hypoallergenic jewelry. This is one of the features you want to seek out when searching for nose rings. This is because they are designed with materials that are void of the most common allergens that can irritate your skin. 

Two of the most common irritants within jewelry are nickel and lead. Nickel can lead to discoloration that transfers to your skin. Lead is also toxic, and you don’t want it near your skin, let alone seeping into the hole in your nose. 

Some people are also allergic to more precious metals that are commonly found in jewelry. Unfortunately, you may not know this until you are exposed to the metal and have a reaction. That being said, there are metals that are somewhat universally safer than others for body jewelry. 

It might go without saying, but regardless of what kind of nose piercing you have and what nose rings you choose, you have to ensure you sanitize and clean the jewelry very well after each use. No matter how high quality your nose ring is, if it’s not clean, it’s going to irritate your sensitive skin tremendously. 

What Metals Should I Look For When It Comes To Nose Rings?

If you are sensitive, are prone to allergic reactions, or have sensitive skin, you don’t want to cheap out on jewelry. This is especially true in the instance that the jewelry is going into a piercing. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel, especially surgery-grade stainless steel, is a more affordable metal that tends to be safe for those with sensitive skin. Stainless steel will not contain traces of those common irritants that can either discolor your skin or cause an irritating reaction. It’s also easy to keep clean. 

Finding stainless steel nose rings should be an easy task. Finding surgical-grade stainless steel might be a little trickier, especially if you’re not looking for a simple design. 


Titanium is a very durable, strong metal that is very difficult to destroy, meaning jewelry made of titanium should last you a long time. Furthermore, it is not as expensive as some more precious metals. 

You also don’t have to worry about any possible contamination with cheaper metals mixed into a titanium piece of jewelry. Titanium is a popular choice for creating jewelry meant for piercings, as it’s very hypoallergenic and one of the safest metals to wear on your body. 

Solid, Pure Gold

Some people are allergic to gold, but for those who aren’t, you’ll find it’s pleasant to wear. Solid gold jewelry will cost you a pretty penny, but it’s worth it to treat yourself to a nice nose ring occasionally as it’s suitable for sensitive skin. 

You want to ensure you’re looking for gold that is as pure as possible. It’s usually recommended to look for something that is at least between 14 and 18 karats. If the jewelry says it’s gold-plated, that means the jewelry is filled with a cheaper metal. This might be a metal you’re sensitive to, so you want to refrain from anything gold-plated. 

You might be able to get away with gold-filled jewelry, but if you can, stick with solid gold as much as possible. 


Platinum will also be a less affordable option for nose piercings, as it’s a little bit harder to find body jewelry made of the metal. However, you’ll find it to be a comfortable and durable option that should not irritate you. Platinum can also be a nice alternative to silver, which is pretty but tends to be one of those metals that many people are allergic to. 

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