Best Blue Nile Competitors & Alternatives [2022]

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Innovative engagement retailer Blue Nile is one of the best known online engagement retailers changing the way customers shop for the perfect engagement ring.

With an exclusive line of Conflict Free natural and lab grown diamonds, Blue Nile is known for extraordinary quality diamonds at affordable prices. But with so many engagement retails out there, who can compete with the Blue Nile standard?


What Are The Blue Nile Alternatives And Competitors?

Blue Nile’s top competitor is undoubtedly luxury engagement retailer James Allen. With an astounding online collection of over 200,000 loose diamonds and completely customizable options, James Allen is the clear front runner when it comes to competing with Blue Nile.

The Diamonds

Both Blue Nile and James Allen offer robust collections of Conflict Free natural and lab grown diamonds, but what sets the two apart from one another?

Blue Nile: Extraordinary Quality Diamonds

Blue Nile houses an impressive collection of over 100,000 ethically sourced diamonds. Each natural diamond sold through Blue Nile adheres to a strict set of standards set by the Kimberley Process and is supplied by well-respected vendors within the diamond industry.

Additionally, all natural diamonds sold through Blue Nile are Conflict Free, ethically sourced, and have exceptional clarity. Blue Nile customers can also select from Blue Nile’s impressive collection of lab grown diamonds and view all natural and lab grown diamonds in high-resolution photographs, as well as zoom into the smallest details within each diamond.

James Allen: Incredible Variety And Price

James Allen boasts an incredible collection of over 200,000 loose natural and lab grown diamonds at incredible prices. Each naturally grown diamond is certified Conflict Free and upholds the standards established by the Kimberley Process, as well as the United Nations resolutions and America’s Patriot Act.

Customers shopping with James Allen can expect a variety of diamond cuts and colors, which can be viewed in high definition and 40x super-zoom using the exclusive James Allen 360 Degree Diamond Display Technology.


Blue Nile and James Allen set the bar high when it comes to designing a completely custom engagement ring. A customer designing the perfect ring will surely find what they’re looking for within the large inventories of Blue Nile and James Allen.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile’s customer-first approach to creating the perfect engagement ring puts customers in the driver’s seat. Customers shopping with Blue Nile can design their ideal engagement ring from scratch by selecting either a diamond or setting to begin the process.

Blue Nile offers numerous customizable options, including fifteen different setting options in some of the most popular styles, as well as four metal options, including rose, white, and yellow golds, as well as platinum. Additionally, Blue Nile offers ten diamond shape options and a large database that can be searched using a variety of filters, including diamond cut, clarity, color, and carat.

James Allen

The unparalleled customizability of James Allen is unmatched by most engagement retailers. Customers shopping will James Allen can design a completely custom ring right down to the smallest details starting with either a diamond or setting.

James Allen offers an impressive array of customizable options, including six metal choices and eight setting options, including popular styles such as halo, pave, and solitaire. Additionally, James Allen offers ten diamond cuts and a robust library of diamonds that can be located using criteria such as diamond clarity, color, and of course, price. Customers may also opt for a custom laser engraving to complete the ring.

The Service

With talented teams of diamond experts, 24/7 customer supper, and top-notch customer service, Blue Nile and James Allen provide excellent care of both their customers and products.

Blue Nile: Customer-First Philosophy

Built with a Customer-First Philosophy in mind, Blue Nile offers a variety of warranties and upgrade options to protect purchases. Each product sold through Blue Nile includes a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Additionally, Blue Nile’s warranty includes routine inspections and complimentary cleaning services.

Because Blue Nile is committed to providing high-quality diamonds at an affordable price, the company offers a Diamond Price Match Guarantee on diamonds with similar quality and characteristics, as well as the Blue Nile Diamond Upgrade Program for customers looking to upgrade a GIA or AGSL graded diamond. Questions or concerns regarding a Blue Nile diamond or ring are addressed 24/7 via chat, telephone or email by highly skilled customer service representatives.

James Allen

James Allen aims for 100% customer satisfaction and offers an impressive warranty that’s untouchable by most engagement retailers. The James Allen lifetime warranty includes one year of free ring resizing, plus cleaning, polishing, and prong tightening. Additionally, the warranty includes repairs, replating, and loose stone replacement.

If the warranty isn’t generous enough, James Allen offers hassle-free returns and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all unworn pieces of jewelry. Additionally, James Allen offers 24/7 customer service via chat, email, or telephone. All James Allen customer service representatives attend a 6-week training session to become experts in all things diamond and provide excellent customer service around the clock.

The Bottom Line – Best Blue Nile Alternatives

Customers looking to create a unique and affordable engagement ring will be impressed with the variety, quality, and commitment to customer service offered by James Allen. With a generous warranty on the impressive library of natural and lab grown diamonds, James Allen is an excellent alternative to Blue Nile.

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